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The Process Of Recruitment Commerce Essay

Shahsons (Private) Limited is basically the manufacturing company since 1953. They have their products are Picasso and gold fish. The company was established by Mr. Shah Saeed, grandfather of the current Managing Director, Mr. Shehzad Shah. And this company is the largest manufacturer of pencils in Pakistan.

As Shah sons, is the manufacturing company, they make pencils ball point in order to satisfy their customer needs and preferences. They also have expended their business by making the rubber, sharpeners, water Colors, Crayons and gel pen as well. Their products facilitates to all age of groups, like crayon for childrens, pencils and ballpoints for students and professionals as well.

C:\Documents and Settings\Waqas\Desktop\shehshons.JPG

Shahsons (PVT) Ltd also exports their products of other countries like America, Europe, middle east, Asia and Africa. We have total manufacturing capability of pencils per year is around 1.8 million gross of pencils per year. They used the plant in order to manufactures their pencils which covers a lot of area which is 2 acers. These products include: graphite black lead pencils. color lead pencils, charcoal sketching pencils, cloth marketing pencils, water color pencils, Medical pencils, wet leather marketing pencils, checking pencils, glass marketing pencils, etc. Our west division of the place houses our ball point capability with an annual capacity of 130 million pieces. We also manufacture wax crayons, sharpeners and gel pens.



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The first step of this organization is the process of recruitment. They hire their candidates from "pool of candidate". Candidates send their C.V's through their websites these are, or through consultants, and ad-placement on a website of Jung. They usually hire those peoples who apply on the senior level position like HR manager, Assistant HR manager, operations manager or in-charge. The major difference between hiring senior level and junior level is that they want references for junior level positions. This is their major criteria. For junior level employees they hire them on contractual employment which is 6 months or 1st year. After the end of contract they decide whether they should hire their employee on permanent basis or not.


Secondly, for interview they hardly take the test is known as "computer test" because in this manufacturing company every member has to prepare the reports like whatever they are making sales, exports etc. on monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually as well. For this help they prepare their financial accounts like income statement and balance sheet etc. so the candidates who are applying for the job, they should know about MS-OFFICE work like word, power-point and excel. This computer based knowledge is mandatory only for junior-level positions or other words we can say for "fresh graduates" not for senior level positions. And there are also many requirements except computer based knowledge like they check IQ level and communication skills as well.


After passing the interview, the next step is selection criteria. They select their candidate on their many tests like return test, writing skills test on which they check writing skills of the candidate, and G.K (General knowledge) test on which they check how much knowledge that candidate have. On G.K test they usually ask general questions related to only that job of which candidate apply. For sometimes they also ask general questions or in other words we can say that informal questions if the interviewee feels any kind of hesitation, lack of confidence. This type of interview is also known as un-structured interview. These were the few procedure of this organization for selection criteria.


We know very well that, if we go somewhere else, which is totally new for us so we don't know anything and we have to adjust on that environment. So this is a common example, simply we can relate this general term with our organizational culture. When candidate selected in the organization so the total culture is different. So this organization also gives training to new employees especially for fresh graduates. 1st they do orientation program. And the limit of this program is 15 days. On 1st day they do socialization of that employee like they meet with every person and tell about their designation. And 1st week they tell about their organizational culture, norms and daily routine activities about the company and also describe his job description as well like duties, task, projects etc. after completing his deadline of 15 days his supervisor reports to HR that this person has completed his deadline so now he is eligible for his specific job.


These exercises normally conduct on every year or such any interval of time which their management's decide by considering their business activities, employee's progression and budgetary provisions. All promotions made on merit of their employees and management's review and individual's annual appraisal. And promotions to all categories and their grades approve in accordance with the schedule of administrative and financial powers. One more thing, they promote their employees if they have place or any post available.

Performance appraisal:

They do performance appraisal once in a year. By the process of appraising the performance of their employees they use rating scale method. They rate their employees from 1-10 on their skills, knowledge and attitude and overall performance of the whole year. They give their employees as incentives, compensation, wages, and allowances on different designation. In this company the major thing is that for three departments i.e Human resource (HR), Management information system (MIS) and Accounts department they don't have incentive scheme. Incentive scheme is only authorized for all departments except these departments.


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As we know that what exactly resignation is? When employee resign their job for their personal reasons. If someone wants to resign from his/her job so first of all he/she should give notice before one month. This time period of one month is restricted, if someone resign his/her job without giving any notice to his company, so the company will not give his salary of last month before resigning his job. And if the person, who has already resigned his job, if he/she wants to join this company again, so the company first will see that if there is any slot( place) is available or not. If there is any availability so they can give job to this person. And secondly they will also check past record of that employee like performance appraisal, his attitude, behavior, relations with colleague, free from criminal activities, criminal records and so on. There is an practical example in this organization last two years back, one person had left this company and went to Saudi Arabia. And after two years he went back to Pakistan, and now he wants t join shah son's company so this give company has given open offer to that person because his past record is very good. So company has no issue to hire this person. So this is the practice of resignation of this company.


In this company they usually do not prefer internships programs to their candidates. If the company has a lot of works so usually they hires to internees. And one of the major things for the internees is that they hire internees for office jobs like Human Resource (HR), Accounts or in stores to check the reports. So basically this procedure depends on time basis. They generally prefer internee's as graduates. If the internee has less qualification like Inter passed so they check his/her mark sheet of previous qualification. And the candidate's should at least know how to read and write.


As we know that that what business is? Business is basically "Any economic activity which is used to maximize profit". So this is manufacturing company they also want to maximize their profits. But we know that employee, labor, working staff these are the major assets of the company. So any business, they also look after the needs, wants of their employee in order to get productive output from them. So like other organizations this company has also set the criteria of their policy of leaves. They have three types of leaves casual leave, sick leave and annual leave.


No. of years

Casual leave

Sick leave

Annual leave





















As we have discussed the whole cart of the staff level. It is showing that from the 5th years the policy of staff's leaves will remain fixed. So these are the eligibilities of their leaves which this company compensates.


No of years

Casual leave

Sick leave

Annual leave





So this above chart is showing that for staff level this policy will remain constant forever. Actually we have shown that the number of year is showing that from day 1 t life time this schedule will remain same.

Work Environment:

Moreover this company has also a great work environment which makes their employee feel safe and healthy work environment. They have securities for their labors, workers and staff . Which make job satisfaction to them so they can easily achieve their goals, task and objectives. They can also motivate to their job and shows their enthusiasm towards their jobs. If they have any kind of problem regarding their working environment so they are free to think what should be changed according to them.


Open Management:

In addition, this company like others also have open management practices which shows that employees are free to share their views, ideas and opinion as well. Which means that if company wants to design any new strategy, so employees are free to share their views, or any improvement if needed. One of the major advantage of this company is that the turnover rate is very low. We have conducted the interview from Assistant HR manager of this company so he told us that turnover rate of this company is very low. So we can also realize to see the turnover rate of this company, that this company is effective, their HR practices are effective, good. And they also look after the needs and wants or their labor, staff and workers and maintain great satisfactory relationship with them.

Identification of Problems:

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When we asked the HRM department of Shah and sons about the problems that are associated with their employee and how they affect their work environment, they pointed out two major issues that are disrupting the productivity level of the employee of in their firm.

Issues involved with senior level employees in regards with their attitude towards new employee. The generation gap between the two has created two cultures within the organization's management, each thriving for supremacy inside the firm. The Juniors are thriving to advance in the management while the seniors thinks that they are the one who deserve

The office area of the firm is small as compared to the number of employees. This is a major issue, keeping in mind that the management is already facing troubles due to the generation gap or cultural gap in the management , this second problem is acting like a fuel to the fire .

A labor union has been formed of total 200 workers in order to avoid any governmental actions against the firm and to ensure that the employee are not deprived of their rights , But this decision has upheaval another problem which is that " several members of the union are not performing their duties . and the firm is reluctant to take any actions against them because if they do there are chances of conflicts between the Union and the firm's management".

The payments of the Employee are often delayed. It takes approximately 45 days for the shipments to reach their destination, and the wage process is further hindered by the fact that the firm receives its own payment in two months.

The aforementioned first problem is clearly associated with the senior level employee but it is affecting almost everyone that is affiliated with the firm. The Human resource management department of Shah and sons identified several issues for the emergence of the first problem. And that are

There is a sense of superiority present in the middle and upper level senior employees " regardless " of their position because they consider themselves as an asset for the organization and they think that they deserve more respect and recognition due to the fact that they have been loyal and affiliated with this organization for a very long period of time there for their behavior towards the junior employees or the new employees is somewhat less tolerant and less respectful .

plus they feel uncomfortable and uneasy with the methods that are introduced in the organization by the " new blood " due to their lack of understanding of the new concepts of the business .This problem gives rise to a culture of " US VS THEM " . The old employee starts thinking that the juniors are putting their heads for the upper position and they tighten their grips on their positions and is determinant to not let go, they feel threatened by them.

Though the senior employees of any firm are considered to be its asset, but this asset may turn into a liability for their superiority complex such as in the case of shah and Son Company. This superiority complex can cause many problems in the working environment of the organization. The areas which this problem may affects are, the attendance level of junior employee as it may give rise to number of absentees or even to the number of employee leaving the organization because of the stress that they would be facing due to the behavior of the senior employees .

It may give rise to the negative rumors or gossips among the employee which would create disparities among the employees. There is an equal possibility that the junior employee would be a subject to prejudice when it comes to promotion because most of the senior employees are in upper level or middle level management, thus diminishing the advancement opportunities for the junior level employees .

But the juniors won't be the only one facing problems within the organization due to the mentioned problem, the senior employee would also face certain issues , such as Lack of respect from junior employees , The junior level employee might be reluctant to follow order or show any courtesy to the authority that a senior holds .

It may directly affect the performance of teams, especially if the team consists both senior and junior employees, but above all it may create communication barriers among the employees thus directly affecting the flow of information of the firm thus this problem may affect the organization on many levels and it may reduce its productivity level.

Problem number two is of high concern, due to the lack of space the working environment is highly affected and disturbed. It may become hard for the employee to focus on their daily work, thus their productivity level is reduced because of the disruption that are associated with the lack of availability of work space. It may also increase the work stress, which may result in certain health issues and increase the number of absents among the employees. Furthermore this problem may deteriorate the work relationship of the employees which has been already challenged by the first problem that the firm is facing.

Problem no 3 is a direct challenge that the management is currently facing , it has not only challenged the authority that the management holds over the firm's workers because 10 of the union's member has refused to obey the work procedures or has completely disbanded themselves from the work place yet they are demanding pay and the management feels helpless in this matter because they fear that if they took any action against them there, might be a conflict between the management and the union as the workers who has refused to work has influential powers over the union .The basic reasons for the formation of working with the labor union by the firm was , to avoid legal conflicts related to labors , and to increase the productivity level of the organization . But this has backfired , and now 10 members of the labor union has refused to work , and yet they are demanding pay for the work which they are not performing , there are some serious consequences to such kind of behavior .

This problem may also lead to a decrease in the moral of the Workers because many would feel that they are unjustly paid there for they might be reluctant to work to their full potential and there is high possibility that many workers may also start to disobey orders that are giving by the firm's management. This Problem may cause deterioration in the firm's profitability and productivity and it may also cause a serious damage to the firm's reputation in the market as the costumer may feel that if this dispute between the management and the union intensified, this issue may cause a delay in the completion of the order or in the business process.

The fourth major problem the firm is facing is regarding the delay in the wages of the workers because of the Order process system that the firm is practicing, It takes approximately 45 days for the shipment to reach its destination or to the costumer, And the payment takes approximately 2 months. Thus the wages of the employees are delayed.

This is might cause severe problems to the firm, ranging from the low productivity of the employee to employee turnover, to some legal claims. Furthermore the firm may find it hard to acquire itself new employees, because it may develop itself a reputation of a bad paymaster in the market if such practices are continuously followed. Thus, new and fresh ideas may not be make their path into the firm and it may lag behind in this competitive market.


Problem 1:

Old and New Employee Conflict.

The identified problem is that the new employees are not made feel like home by the old employees. The best solution for the organization is to identify where and why the conflict does exists. What is that makes the situation awkward for both old and new employees.

Training programs; the easiest solution to this problem that exists is to make the employees have conflict management training. Where they would identify why the problem exists, identifying the problem would make it easier for them to understand the mind set of each other. As for this organization they feel like they have a generation gap in-between the employees, which can be resolved once they are made to communicate together. What can be done is a training session on ice-breaking where they can interact and get to know each-other.

Using the Conflict to the Company's Advantage; furthermore, the organization can use this conflict to their advantage by creating a sense of competition in-between the employees both old and new.

Mentorship Program; they can be motivated to work together in teams where the old employees can mentor the new employees. Mentoring the new employees would make the old employees feel responsible; they would be the ones training the freshly recruited employees and would want their mentee to represent them at the best. This would sort out the communication issues and can cater the generation gap problem.

Problem 2:

Work-Space Issue.

The problem for this organization is that it has 70% of the total available work space reserved for machinery which leaves only 30% of the space for the employees to manage working in. This creates a lot of problem for the employees as their belonging s get easily misplaced. And to cater this issue the solution I have in mind has been elaborated above, still further explaining the concept of mentorship program.

Mentorship Program; this would also help manage space more, that is because both the new and old employee would be working together and that they can be allocated the same place, by doing so we would be having a group of employees performing their duties together in a certain place where they would know each and everything about each other and would respect each-others personal space. Which would in the end, help solve the issue of work space.

Problem 3:

Internal Labor Union.

Working staff has formed an internal labor union. There are 200 total workers, if 10 workers don't work the rest decrease their work pace or stop working. They are causing their HR Department a lot of problems and they need to cater this problem without causing damage to the production. If the non-productive workers are punished the rest would follow and go on a strike.

New policy enforcement; the organization can adopt some new policies, policies that would cater the production issue. Elaborating more, they can allot certain amount of production target which the workers have to attain, apart from that they can keep some positive reinforcements for the workers to be motivated to work more, for example if the target for the worker is manufacturing 1000 pencils and he produces 1200, the worker should get some sort of extra benefit of producing more pencils then the required amount.

Problem 4:


This company is trying to make their new strategy in order to avoid the problem. Because such company has not made a perfect solution because whatever they export their products it will obviously take time for payments but this company faces a lot of problems because they also have to pay their salaries for their staff, workers and employee.


Recommendations For Problem 1

Write guidelines to the workers and clear them the policies of the firm that such behavior would not be tolerated, furthermore the senior employees should be made aware that they have their share in the workforce, they should be told that they are the mentors and they must be taught to accommodate the young ones , To do so , they must be made visualize , and remind them of the time when they were young and new in the company , they should also be made realize that they have been through twists and turns to attain the position in which they are , moreover they should be made realize that they are now role models and mentors for the younger and their work should be emulated .

The firm's HRM should Emphasize that the senior workers posses a lot of knowledge and experience and it is mandatory for the Senior to guide the junior workers the Senior employee should be told to keep a relinquish behavior. The management should made both the type of employees that the management is keeping a constant eye on this issue. And they should be made aware of the consequences if misconduct occurs.

The senior employees must be made realize that due to their superiority complex and bad behavior they might be disrespected by their juniors and even disobeyed, they must be mad realize that it is a two edged sword and in order to enhance their integrity and respect, they should respect their juniors, in this way a mutual relationship can be made between the two. The old employee should step up personal discipline so that others can follow their behavior as they are considered to be role models and mentors .

Recommendation for problem 2

For the second problem the firm should emphasize on open working plan, It means that the cubicles should be removed from the office area, instead desks should be placed, another benefit of this thing would be that there would be more interaction between the employees and the culture of the organization will flourish.

The second phase is That the firm should emphasize upon the usage technology, there are many technologies in the market to help them in this regard , for instance cupboard filling cabinets etc takes a lot of space and these could be easily replaced by technological equipment , use of electronic devices is the best option to cater this problem . The firm should render the assistance of IT Expert in the matters of securing its data, and contingency.

Furthermore the Firm has to emphasize on the use of compact furniture for example rolling or L shaped computer desks , However, the organization has to expand its office area in the coming future , just so it could accommodate more people , as the Organization intend to expand .

Recommendation for Problem no 3

This problem can be dealt with Effective communication the labor union leadership should be made aware that this behavior of their member may affect the reputation of the very firm that they are working in, and they are exploiting the Firm's asset and their behavior has led to demoralize the work force , which is directly affecting the firm's productivity and if they are still not convinced then the firm shall tell them of the legal actions that the Organization can take against them. And even this may cause them some valuable costumers. Furthermore, this problem can also be catered on individual basis by contacting and counseling those who are not working.

Recommendation for problem number 4

This problem which the shah and son organization is facing can be catered by better supply chain management process by .

Consider working with a fewer vendors , instead of searching for a vendor that offers cheap prices , the firm should affiliate itself with a single vendor in order to save its most scarce and valuable resource , " TIME " .

The firm needs to monitor the performance of each partner in the chain, if the.

The firm needs to Select a supply chain solution that is tailored for the industry.

The firm has to select metrics , for example cash to cash cycle time , Return on capital , perfect order fulfillment etc

The firm needs to start managing its information, about sellers , buyers . And it needs to adopt new Information management system program in order to place precise orders.

The firm needs to integrate sales , operation , and finance . It needs to integrate what sales plan to sell , what operations plan to make and what finance has forecasted .

Integrate marketing expense into supply chain .

The firm should Keep a track of your product in the market , know which of your product is desirable by the masses

While managing the supply chain may cater the problem of the shipment of the product , and it may reduce the time of the shipment , thus reducing the time that is taken in giving away the wages of the employees , this time can be further reduced by searching for more " cashable " costumers in the market .

Meanwhile the employee morale may be deteriorated due to the fact that their wages are delayed , this problem may be catered with effective counseling and effective communication with the employee . this could be done in variety of ways .

By providing the employees with a friendly working environment. Working environment includes , the behavior of the firms workers to one another , the attitude of the supervisors and the managers with the employees .

By improving the working condition of the firm .

To disrupt any management vacuum in the firm , that is there should be an open dialogue and communication policy for the employees , this is very crucial for the morale of the employee .

There shouldn't be any pay disparity inside the organization .

Ask , Share and implement the ideas that are proposed by the employees .

Often inspect the employees , and check on their work performance .

Praising the work of the employees .

Identify a staff member who is causing trouble , and make them stop .

Clear their expectation and procedures , as employee often feel frustrated if they are not aware that what is expected from them and how to satisfy the requirements of the job that they are assigned to do .

Give recognition to the employees on their work , praise them for their good performances .

The managers should set an example to their employees by adhering the practices of the firm .

Show the employee the result of their hard work .

With the implementation of the above recommendation, we are sure that shah and son can coupe up with the mentioned problems.

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