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Largest Transportation Company In The Uk Commerce Essay

First choice is the known as the largest transportation company in the UK. First provides a variety of public transport services such a:

UK Trail operator, Bus operator, Rail freight and Tram Link networks.

The statistics of this company shows that it has revenues of above 5 billion pounds a year. And since the company is enormous and provides a multiplicity of services it occupies more than 135,000 staff all around the UK and North America.

This company is different than its competitors by offering an enormous variety of transport solutions.

despite the fact that First is a worldwide firm it aims to be local I its advance which means that people who are established and lived in the area get to deal with the local issues.

In this report I will discuss a number of topics concerning External and Organization Culture at FIRST which I will be explaining in various parts.

PESTL factors:

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Before starting a business the most important fact is to know and keep in mind the surrounding environment before beginning with the marketing process. This step is done by defining the Political, Economic, Social and technological factors, these are known as PEST factors.

Political Factors:

In general the political view has a huge authority and control to the business. Countries which sign the agreement intend to reduce the emission of harmful gases.

Economic Factors:

There are a number of keys marketers should consider; one of the most important factors is the state of a trading economy in both long and short run. It is vital in particular when the market is planning on going International, as the keys that they should give attention to are:

Interest rates

Level of inflation employment

Long term prospects.

seeing that high tax on fuel encourages customers to switch from using cars to more economical bus and rail transport.

FIRST is a global business, it clearly shows that there main concern is not only on the internal environment but it also makes sure they are aware of what their customers demand for. FIRST has a special Yellow bus for students going to school, the drivers are trained and the features in the bus is very safe

Social Factors:

Social factor is different depending to the country, it is important to follow up with the country's cultural power and influence.

it was time that First implemented a change-customers not only wanted improved services, but were demanding environment friendly services.

Technological Factors:

According to competitive advantage technology is a fundamental tool and furthermore a key driver of globalization.

Other technological solutions which have impacted the business include the use of prepaid Smart cards to make payment on buses easier and faster. FIRST has implemented this to make the process of payment easier.

Legal Factors:

Legal factors are often connected to the political factors. However, legal factors are influenced by regulators and bodies which are separate from government.

We witness that The UK government has signed an international treaty-the Kyoto protocol to reduce emissions of harmful gases. FIRST is complying by trying to reduce co2 emissions.

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT short of Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Treats, is one of the keys to organization strategic planning process. The SWOT analysis purpose is to show the organization how it relates to its external environment.

Strength: FIRST is the leader in providing reliable, safe, innovative and sustainable transport service. Attributes of a company that is helpful to achieving the objective. FIRST has always differentiated itself by providing a vast range of transportation solutions .

Weakness: FIRST and other companies will need to buy carbon credits. Attributes a company that is harmful to achieving the objective. For its vest opportunities these credits will permit companies to generate specific quantities of carbon emissions.

Opportunities: Society's habits and tastes are changing. People are more aware of the importance of the environment and becoming 'green consumers'.

Threats: In 1980's, the government started to privatize bus services in the UK. It believed that allowing private firms to compete to run bus service would keep prices low.

FIRST Management:

Here is a set of guideline which would help FIRST to conduct a SWOT analysis after conducting the PESTL tool:

Come up with list of SWOT by starting with Internal factors(Strength & Weakness) then to the PEST external environment which would help in conducting the External factors of SWOT (Opportunities & Threats).

Reduce ideas taken in the previous step placed in categories to top 5 to 10 ideas per each category.

after that, each category should be separately reviewed, discussed ideas and possible suggestions to the organization.

Focus of the internal SWOT & relate it to its external of the organization.

Finally they should focus on Strength and Opportunities of an organization considered as external environment and if the Weakness and Threats of an organization considered as internal environment. After all the SWOT analysis is not a way to determine strategy, its just a tool that helps to emphasis the strategy.

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FIRST can focus on any of these steps, each step has its own benefit that shows how to improve the organization and looking deep on how to survive and make the organization stronger

Organization culture:

The organizational culture is known as shared assumptions, beliefs & normal behaviors of a group. According to the way people live and act it has a controlling weight as it defines what is regular and how to support the irregular.

Taken for granted assumptions:

Is to be an evident without proof or argument which is even known as axiomatic truth.

FIRST is the leader in providing reliable, safe, innovative and sustainable transport services.


Values are important beliefs or ideals shared by the members of a culture about what is good or desirable and what is not.

We can deliver the highest levels of safety and service and give greater customers and employee satisfaction'.

Satisfying people and the trust that is build is a value to FIRST because that is what the organization is seeking for,on how to make the people trust them and how to make them satisfied

Safety in FIRST is an assumption, because every customer will want to reach to the destination they wanted to go to safely. So it's FIRST's responsibility to require them with the best safety transportation .

Culture at FIRST:

Different researchers, different scholars came up with different models on behalf of explaining culture, examples of models:

Deal and Kennedy's model.

Lilly pond's model.

First choice uses the 'Deal & Kennedy' model of culture which is based on differentiating the various 4 types of organization, supporting how quick feedback and reward is received after they have done something & the level of risks that they take.

The culture used by FIRST is the work-hard play-hard culture.

As in this type of a culture the risk is low and on the other hand the feedback and reward are rapid, which is common in big massive organizations which look out for high quality of customer service.

Employees are given quick rewards like incentives, shares, bonus etc

We can deliver the highest levels of safety and service and give greater customer and employee satisfaction.

The culture that FIRST is using is Work hard play hard culture because their employees are motivated by factors another then financial once indeed it also shows that they are also having responsibility. Employees at FIRST are rewarded like shares and bounce.

Organizational culture & behavior:

Culture is the deeper level of basic assumptions and beliefs that are shared by members of an organization, which operate unconsciously and define in a basic 'taken for granted' fashion an organization's view of its self and its environment

Organizational behavior:

Organizational behavior is defined as the study and understanding of individual and group behavior and patterns of structure in order to help to help improve organizational performance and effectiveness. Organizational behavior does not encompass the whole of management. It is narrower interpretation of providing a behavioral approach to management. Organizations are made up of their own individual members. The individual is a central feature of organizational behavior and is necessary part of any behavioral situation, whether acting in isolation or as part of a group.

FISRT's employees has been trained to give the customers the safest transport operation, they had been practiced to do that.

Employees and in touch with the customers therefore they can know what are they demanding for and deliver it in a best way. They insure that there is trust not only between them and their customers but also between the works, they train each other equally they are careful about their customers they want to show them how respectful they are.

They believe in satisfying their customers, employees and government, they believe that they are there key to success. Therefore they make sure they train and recruit the best people who are cabal for this work.

First in a different culture

If FIRST adopts a different culture for example process culture :

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Stress might be caused by internal politics and stupidity of the system since stress is low, work is slow in a comfortable and secured environment.

Growth of government system in addition of more traditions of maintaining the status quo.

An organization where there is little or no feedback is using the process culture. Members of this culture wonder how things are done rather how it to be achieved is. This situation is often controlled by the government. Example of process culture organizations: Banks, Insurance companies.

Decisions are long-term but low risk. The general goal is of secondary importance while everything focuses on the process itself. Think "bureaucracies" where results are secondary to procedures

If the company adopted process culture it will have low risk and slow feedback therefore it will lead to more stress, they will concisely making mistakes, the customers won't feel motivated and they won't be encouraged to do a better job.

FIRST is a company which is based on transportation service, by just one mistake that will accrue in the business it will affect the reputation of the business, therefore the customers won't be motivated to use their transportation service.


In this report which was about FIRST choice plc I first analyzed PESTL factors which affected the organization, after that I used the SWOT analysis to analyze the current relationship between first and the environment, then I prepared a set of guidelines that FIRST management could use help of to conduct a SWOT analysis followed by I explained the organization culture in terms of shared values & taken for granted assumptions within FIRST. Afterwards I went on explaining the recognized type of culture FIRST is using ,next I assessed the relationship between organizational behavior and culture in FIRST using the point I previously explained, finally I assumed to what extend will the management approach be different in FIRST if it used a different culture.

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