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Does Ethical Behaviour Pay Off Long Term Commerce Essay

Ethics generally means motivation for group of people or community for ideas. Ethical Behaviour consists of certain standards which consist of trust loyalty and honesty, responsibility and your behaviour towards other people. or ethics generally means knowing the difference between right and wrong and then doing what's right. Ethical behaviour is very useful in all platforms of life and work. In our life it is helpful in all different relationships like manager and employee, employee and client or even in personal life relationships like father and son, Student and teacher. The use of ethical behaviour always pays us in long run.

Ethics are a set of principles on which our life runs. Without ethics our life is worthless as we don't know what we are doing. Initially we learn ethics from our parents, teacher and society where we live. Ethical principles of one's life define their personality and values of life. It is a stepping stone of the success. A person cannot become successful in their life without having good ethical behaviour as your ethic reflects on other people. For example: good for good and bad for bad.

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In this global world we deal with people from different places with different set of ethical behaviour considering their religious and cultural behaviour. While dealing with people from different culture and religion we need know their ethics so that we don't hurt them in anyway.

In addition to this, positive approach is also a main concept in Ethical behaviour. It helps you to set aims and targets in your life. On other side negative ethical approach results in conflicts, loss and failure. A good example is Adolf Hitler whose negative ethical behaviour affects thousands of people.

A good example of ethical behaviour is Hindu ethics. Hindu ethics is mainly subjective or personal, its purpose being to eliminate such mental impurities as greed and egoism, for the ultimate achievement of the highest good. One cannot achieve good ethical behaviour if you have greed and ego in you for others. Hindu ethics are great example of proper human behaviour. Objectives of Hindu ethics is to help the members of society to rid themselves of self-centredness, cruelty, greed, and other vices, and thus to create an environment helpful to the pursuit of the highest good, which transcends society. Hinduism further speaks of certain universal ethical principles which apply to all human beings irrespective of their position in society or Stage in life.(" ")

Ethics are very important in a business as they help us to retain customers. On the other side, failure on ethical practice will lead the company to loose market shares and it will also decrease the profit of the company.

Ethics also helps employer to retain his employees if an employee leave the company then it rises up the cost and efficiency of the company as the company have to hire a new person and will spend money to train him. Simply a company can't perform well in the absence of good staff. Employee turnover and cultural issues are greater risks for a company to achieve the desired goals. A company should build stronger and loyal relationships with its employees.

If employees are treated well by a company then they will work with high integrity and ethical responsibilities. Employee's performance is treated as source of success for an organization. Employees will not waste their precious time in internal conflicts and will use their energy to perform well. It also helps customers to be treated in a better way which leads to more efficiency.

It takes years for a company to build a reputation in market. But it can be ruined with one bad decision. An organization which follows the ethical behaviour is safe from disasters or scandals but if anything happens then organization responds in a quick and honest way. People feel sympathy for the organization which follows ethical responsibilities.

An organization which demonstrates ethical values, will maintain international social and ethically responsible standards. This type of environment maintain transparency all these activities will help the organization to grow at a fast pace.

Another example of ethical behaviour is from my practical experience. There are high ethics I have seen at my work place. Ethical behaviour and its effects on other staff members have been considered very seriously. On the team member notice board there is a special corner on which ethical behaviour at work place has been written which is for everyone from high post to entry level. The ethical behaviour is defined very closely to the company's values and culture. The entire employee's have given a right to speak if unethical decisions such as cheat, steal etc, have happened at work.

There are also loop holes in ethical decision making. One of the main weakness of this concept is sometimes it does not require the company to concentrate on a broad scale.


These days every organisation believes that ethical behaviour is must and should be enforced in a decent manner as this will empower the personal lives of the employees as well and all this proves that this is beneficial for a successful business.


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In business ethics plays a vital role. For success of organization we need to develop a set of values and define the ethical behaviour at workplace. It is very difficult to define ethical behaviour at work place as hardly two people has same set of ethical values but in organization they have to follow values which suites everyone. As we all know that in today's competitive business environment ethical behaviour is must to follow to gain healthy profit and to make a growth for the company or organisation.

Ethics work on different proportion in business world. For example: financial sector and sales sector, property sector and etc. of the company or organization. Ethical behaviour works on two paths, good ethical behaviour helps in the progress of the company but unethical behaviour becomes a disaster for the company. Whereas unethical behaviour for the company lead to decrease in the output of the company or organization. It also results in the bankruptcy, loss of customers and decline in production.

How personal ethics are developed

Ethics to me means to have values. It can be personal, cultural, business or social ethics or in other words values of these things. Personal values are started when you're very young and can change from time to time according to age and life experiences. Ethics are developed by various actions and aims of improving self-awareness, self-knowledge, creating identity, increasing strength or talents, realizing dreams and fulfilling aspirations.

The influence of personal ethics on managerial decision-making

Business ethics are used as a security for the business to stop the interference of government agencies. Business ethics can be both a normative and a descriptive discipline. It applied on all kind of businesses and is equal for both individual and business organization. As a corporate practice and a career specialization, the field is primarily normative. Ethical leaders prove as boon for the company or an organization as they can lead easily their co-workers and employees because ethical leaders easily deal with different people from different cultures. Ethical leader's works on the principles on the profit of the company. For good organization leader should tell their employees about their performance updates and such values like

One established viewpoint on managerial ethics

Managerial ethics are challenging objective of longer organisation. The current competing views include maximize profit and society welfare. The real world example of ethics is you have a friend who is going to shoot someone.

Social responsibilities

Social responsibility means to do something better for the society at large scale by economics or law. The benefits of social responsibility for an organization are so many like one example is that it helps to increase the profits of the organization and second example is to create good reputation in the market of the organization. Social responsibility makes an organisation to do things in right way that are good for society. Organisations are aware to changing public opinion and its result on a company's status and prosperity

A good standing makes it easier to recruit workers

Employees may stay longer, falling the costs and interruption of staffing and retraining.

Employees are better stimulated and more creative.

Social accountability adds an ethical essential to do those things that make society well again and not to do those could make it better. A company social action harm it long term financial routine. Huge savings banks wanting to avoid possible problems with their savings portfolios have added socially responsible, investing in term of their investigate departments. Barriers in social liability wealth and control. We see wealth and control as a pointer of good point and good value. But people who are rich and want to be richer, and commercial and industrial leaders whose jobs are to put the wealth of their companies at the top of their priorities, often underestimate social responsibility, and this sets the tone for the whole society. Greed and self-interest work against social dependability. When greed and self-interest become top values, social responsibility goes out the skylight.

Examples of ethical Leaders:

Ethical leaders play an important role in society because they are motivating other people, they are giving a direction to other people to do that work or task like they are telling. They are creating a path for those people those influence from them. You can take an example of Mahatma Gandhi. He will always be remembered by his ethical behaviour as always stood for the good and always thinks about the goodwill of the people and not for himself only. Non-violence is the major thing that people follow from him.

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For example you can take a example of a company leader and their two employees. Both of the employees are working on a same position. But one of them is a leader (boss) relative. And he is not working better than other employee. But his boss give a promoted his relative not the other employee who is working better than his relative. An employee who is giving his 100% feels bad because of this. This will create a bad impact on his other employees or company too. If he is doing like this it means he is doing unfair with his employees and for his company.

This unethical behaviour creates favouritism within the company. The person who is doing well he will not going to work like he is working before and it is bad for the company. In the end unethical behaviour is bad for the company and their employees. Leaders are responsible for something going wrong especially when they are acting for their self interest. If leaders fail to show their good ethical value, their employees, shareholders and general public will suffer.

On the other hand if the employer or leader not doing favouritism in an organization. The company will get good results. Because of this leaders will get trust from their employees and from their shareholders. The use of good ethical behaviour in a organization creates a big impact on society.

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