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Understanding the relationship between strategic management and leadership

Leadership involves the quality to lead whereas the strategic management involves the way the goals of the organisation are achieved. The leadership works towards the achievement and implementation of the strategic goals in a way that it moves ahead in a smooth manner. The strategies are been made by the leadership of the organisation. This involves the management and the way the targets of the organisation are been achieved with the strategies that are been laid down. The link between the strategic management and leadership are remotely related to each other , the way the leadership is working on the achieving the goals that are set is the work of the leadership of the organisation to deal with it. This involves the exact functioning of the organisation.

Analyse the impact of management and leadership styles on strategic decisions

The decisions made by the management are a unique way of implementing it, so the decisions that are made by the, management impact the organisation. So it is essential for the strategic decisions to be made perfect in a way that it works out for the organisation as a success. At times if the Leadership of the organisation fails to make a perfect decision in the perfect manner then the strategies are falling apart and the targets of the goals that are been set are not been achieved .So the leadership is the core thing that has to formalise the strategies in such a way that the impact of the decisions that are been made in a success. The leadership should make such strategies in such a manner that the organisations various departments re able to achieve and work on it with efficiency.

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Evaluating how leadership styles can be adapted to different situations.

Origin of strategic management is based on :-

The traditional perspectives which involves the Economic entity

The resource based view of the firm it's a collection of resources skills and abilities

The stake holder approach a network of relationships among the firm and its stakeholders

Strategic Management:-

Strategic Management is a is a process to establish priorities on what we have to achieve in the coming future for the organisation and the Leadership of the organisation is responsible for not only making it but implementing it to success

Strategic management forces us to make a choice on what has to be done and what is not to be done, whereas the leadership is the one which decides on the same.

Leadership helps to bring the entire organisation together for the achieving the targets. Whereas the strategic management helps to put the entire organisation in a single game plan so that they move ahead together in a same direction rather than helter - shelter situation. So this helps in the execution of the game plan effectively which will be done with the effective leadership qualities of the management of the organisation

We need to put down the guideline where the resources has to be allocated so that the allocated resources work out effectively in a success formula

Nature of strategic management involves  

A global perspective for the survival of the businesses

One of the vital tools is an e-commerce

The other important thing in it is the natural environment, which deals basically with the strategic issue.

The nature of the leadership involves bringing the perspective to the

The 3 stage process of it involves

Formulation of strategy


And evaluation

Sm achives organisational success


My Organisation of findings is Accommodation Times


Accommodation Times was started by Mr. Murari Chaturvedi in the early eighties. It is the first real estate newspaper of India. The Idea behind this was a simple idea by the founder of this newspaper to start a fully dedicated newspaper for real estate in India. During this there were a lot of problems been faced by him, which saw Mr.Chaturrvedi to even give up his job of the prestigious Times of India Group Of newspaper. At present, Accommodation Times is one of the largest newspapers of Real estate newspaper in India. It covers various aspects of real estate, giving various dimensions to real estate in India. It is broadly been centralised from Mumbai but the subscription reaches all across the Indian State. It is been run by a very short but a dedicated staff involving the family members Mr. Murari Chaturvedi.It has been recognised by the former President of India Dr.Abdul Kalam for the work towards the Indian Real Estate Industry.

It is published every two weeks. The current executive editor is Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi; the chief executive officer is Ajay Chaturvedi

The Goal of the Workers in the organisation is to bring about a proper knowledge of the Real estate to the uneducated Indian Real estate market. The organisation runs a series of development lectures and educates the industry people about the various factors that need to be looked into and learnt in the industry. There are various courses even been run by the organisation to teach the young guns of India about the vast scope and proper knowledge of Real Estate. The basic Idea of the Organisation if to make Industry recognition from the government of India and simultaneously highlighting and educating the masses about the real estate industry.


The core focus of the organisation still remains on the News of the real estate but during the years the focus has been shifted from time to time. Listing education of the industry, proper way of the channelizing the objectives and the functioning of the real estate sector of the industry. The Objectives of the organisation now also involves education, strengthening of the realtors, clean and efficient news.



The conclusion

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The organisation is successfully implementing the strategies and the leadership is effectively working and polishing the complete team and is constantly working on the improvement of the organisation. The leadership has been constantly on the high standards. The leadership has been an example for the complete industry. The strategies which were been laid down during the inception of the Newspaper has been achieved succesfully.The leadership and the strategies laid down have worked efficiently and worked together in tandem. The skills that the leadership has brought about the success

Task 2

Accommodation Times Management & Leadership Concepts in the organisation:-

In accommodation Times the Management and the leadership is focusing on the continueos expansion of the newspaper through the various means of the channel of the advertisemenst and anlso by improving the better standard of the the news that is imparted to the people or say the reader of the newspaper.

The core focus of the management and the leadership is to focus on a time and time again on the spread of the knowhow of the real estate and giving more knowhow to the common man , so that there are more and more number of people that are in the habit of reading of the newspaper . The increase in the base of the readership only gives a brand value but the core finances that are being brought to the Newspaper are through the channel of the advertisements. As the advertisements cover the cost of the printing and even get the maximum profit to the newspaper.

So following this strategy the newspaper has a core team which is designed under the leadership of the CEO Mr. Ajay Chaturvedi so that the hurdles are cleared very easily for the team. In this way the team gets a direct support of the higher management for their assistance so that whenever they look out for an answer or a help they get it through the Higher Management in the form of the CEO Mr. Ajay Chaturvedi.

The Editorial team is focusing on bringing on those issues to light that are of a unique important to the common man who is reading the newspaper And on the other hand the Editor in chief is focusing on maintaining the dignity and maintaining the values of the organisation , so that never any values are being compromised for the sake of any monetary gains and any of the ethics that the newspaper has been following since the last 3 decades , that should not be compromised that is the main focus of the Editor in chief.

In this was the organisation is having its concepts clear to each and every department and that brings about to the very good balance between the work of the Management & the leadership theory of the organisation

The three theories that are followed are:-

Transformational leadership

Transformational leadership is a leadership approach that is defined as leadership that creates valuable and positive change in the organisation. Transformational leadership is a type of leadership style that leads to positive changes in those who follow. Transformational leaders are generally energetic, enthusiastic and passionate. Not only are these leaders concerned and involved in the process; they are also focused on helping every member of the group succeed as well.

(About .com phycology)

In the organisation Accommodation Times the leadership plays a very vital role in the changes that the newspaper adopts and has seen over the last few decades since the the inception of the newspaper. The higher management has a good amount of the influence on the way to the others who are working in the organisation. So we can see such kind of leadership in the organisation

Charismatic Leadership

The Charismatic Leader gathers followers through dint of personality and charm, rather than any form of external power or authority.

Charismatic leadership is leadership based on the leader's ability to communicate and behave in ways that reach followers on a basic, emotional way, to inspire and motivate. We often speak of some sports and political leaders as charismatic (or not) -- an example being John F. Kennedy.

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(From Wikipedia)

In accommodation Times the leaders or say the higher Management are very charismatic in the way they get or approach to the lower management or even to their clients as well, so when it is looked in that the way the finances re been brought in the form of the advertisement are totally based on the charisma of the higher management and the leaders, if said to be precise.

Emotional Intelligence:-

Emotional intelligence is the aptitude, volume, skill. A self-perceived ability to identify, assesses, and controls the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups. Different models have been proposed for the definition of Emotional intelligence and there is disagreement about how the term should be used. Despite these disagreements, which are often highly technical, the ability and trait models (but not the mixed models) enjoy support in the literature and have successful applications

(From Wikipedia)

The organisation accommodation times also have a very subtle but effective approach on this theory as they have been involved in that true reporting and have been efficiently involved in the spread of the know how about the industry and the standards of the industry that are existing that they give to the common people to read and get aware this way it is very evident that leadership Is following the emotional path or approach very subtle as they never succumb under the pressure of the newspaper advertises.

Leadership Strategy for sustenance of the Organisational guidelines:-

There are very simple but effective approach that the organisation is following and the way it is been handled in the last few decades speaks for itself. The organisation follows the concept of spreading the knowhow to the common man in the city and the country, that what is the real estate and how it is effecting and how it is functioning in the country and the city.

The organisational also follows the approach of true reporting and follows the guidelines to implement it so that it is never been compromised over in the functioning of the newspaper. The team works on the guidelines that are been laid down by the Editor in Chief since the inception of the newspaper.

Assistance Theory:-

The organisation is having a very good and open theory when it comes to approaching the different in the organisation. The CEO even function with the lower level of the management and even the lower level of the management has an environment in which they can approach to the various different departments in the organisation. SO at any time when anyone who is requiring any assistance then they get it directly. This maintains the way of working in a very efficient manner, as there is assistance for each and every one in the organisation whenever it is required and necessary.

Team Leader & Behaviour Approach in Accommodation Times:-

The team leader of the organisation are very efficient and able to lead and represent the team and the industry as well, so there is a sense of relax environment in the organisation that whenever there is a assistance or the way the work is functioning in the organisation. So the way in which the behaviour approach in the organisation goes about to read it is very obvious that the team leaders in the organisation is going about to the way of their work or the guidelines that the various are following.Comapritavely it is very good leading environment in the organisation.

Management Role & Transactional Theory in Accommodation Times:-

The role of the management in the Accommodation times is a very vital role been played in the organisation so that the smooth functioning of the newspaper is being carried on from time to time. The management plays a very vital role in pushing the lower level of the organisation for the work in the office. Also the Management pushes the financial generating in the organisation so that the newspaper is going on the path of success from time to time.

Task 3

Overview Current leadership requirements in Accommodation Times:-

The organisation is focusing on spreading its wings and the subscription on the overseas market so that they can get a very good amount of the overseas advertises as well. As the patronage leadership is and has been focusing on the city and maximum to the country only and this has the middle level management, as the middle level is all set to expand its wings to the international level. The middle or to say the newer generation has a few different guideline that are to be followed in the expansion of the newspaper to the overseas market ,as there has to be certain values and the ethics that has to be compromised. So the editor and the editor in chief are very adamant to follow the change and the expansion with the compromising of the ethics and the values. So the team which is working on the expansion.

Generic challenges are the challenges that the organisation is facing in the generic way, to learn this out we have to study the whole way of functioning of the organisation or say various types of challenges that arise.

Few examples that can be told are like:-

1) Competition

2). Quality

3). Innovation

4). Retaining competent resources

5). Training

6). Reducing cost

7). System improvement

8). Increase sales, productivity

9). Customer Satisfaction

10).Value addition

11).Adapting changes

A Virtual Organisation (VO) is a dynamic pool of distributed resources shared in a trusted way by a dynamic set of users belonging to one or more organizations.  In which major processes are outsourced to partners. Best it can be defined is a company is one whose members are geographically apart, usually working by computer e-mail and groupware while appearing to others to be a single, unified organization with a real physical location.

Example of few of the virtual organisation are





These are a few of the virtual organisation that are existing in the present times and are very famous as well. This type of organisation has given a very diverse effect in the current global environment.

Diversity as a characteristic of the organisation goes further: one is only satisfied when not only the numbers are right, but also when everyone's talents, input and assets are used, as a result of which the relevant organisation can serve a wider group of customers and become a stimulating workplace for all employees.

Power theories

there is a situation of established people and outsiders (as far as this organisation is concerned) the dominant or self-evident will be the norm ('this how we do it here') and the minority is often described in negative terms as a deviation from the dominant, so forcing the minority party often to prove that his or her way of working is possibly different but need not necessarily be worse.

 Cultural differences

Differences in culture often manifest themselves in the way in which people deal with instructions, arrangements, conflicts and leadership; all aspects which impact upon how smoothly a multicultural organisation runs. Apart from cultural differences as such there are dimensions which are connected to a class background, or sex of course, which also impacts upon how people experience the interaction between them.

Identity theories

Everyone has different identities: a sexual identity (man/woman), an ethnic identity (black/ white/immigrant), but also for example a job identity. At which moment is one being addressed in which identity, and foremost: who determines this. Do you do that yourself or does the dominant group do it

Diverse workforce

The reasons for promoting diversity are pretty obvious: to contribute to a fairer society, improve the quality of staff by reaching untapped pools of talent and to increase consumer confidence in a workforce that reflects the clients that it provides services.

Some of these differences are relatively unproblematic such as eye colour and hairiness, while others cause us to consider carefully how we treat certain groups. Examples of the latter include education, culture, gender, language, socio-economic backgrounds, religion and sexuality, as well as ethnicity. A useful concept of diversity will therefore incorporate these differences.

Ethnicity is certainly one of the most important types of diversity, both because of how closely people identify themselves with their ethnic origin and because of the large disparities in areas such as education and employment between different ethnicities. However, things are moving in the right direction.

This is what south Gloucestershire has noted down as in the form adjustments for a few |employees:-

If you have dyslexia and need extra time during assessments.

If you use sign language we will make an interpreter available for your interview

If you use a wheelchair or have limited mobility we can ensure your interview takes place in an accessible room

If you have back pain and need to stretch we can provide breaks in an interview.

The need for a diverse workforce is part and parcel of the human resource requirements associated with successful continuous quality improvement initiatives. A diverse workforce in which the contributions of each member-faculty, staff, or administrator, are respected and valued is an institution's most important asset. Such a workforce is able to synthesize a variety of perspectives and processes for the successful completion of tasks. Employers can build on established individual and group strengths and develop policies that create an environment to get the best out of each individual.

Interim leadership:-

Usually an Organisation leader retains the leadership until his or her successor takes over; however, in some situations this is not possible. This may be because the leader passes away or because a leader is forced to resign due to controversy or scandal before a convention can be organized because a leader is forced to recontest his or her leadership or because a new department is incorporated from existing organisations caucuses. Sometimes an outgoing leader decides to resign immediately in order to ensure organisational unity. This is because he or she has accepted an appointment or been elected to another position, or they have lost their seat in a general election and are unable or unwilling to attempt to contest. When a sudden vacancy occurs an interim leader is appointed by the organisations caucus or the chief executive.

Changes in reporting and control

Changes to the "Reporting on Controls at an Organization" has evolved over the years for many reasons including: changes in financial reporting to user organizations; changes in the control environments of service organizations; changes in the technology available to the service organizations and the requests of user organizations therein

Development and leadership skills:-

Leadership development is one of those things that are often awfully hard to define but you know when you see it, and you definitely know when it's missing. 

Indeed Leadership is one of those areas about which a huge amount is said while at the same time leaving big questions hanging in the air unanswered.

Essential Skills of Leadership development in the organisations

Good Communication: - Effective communication is a two-way process - sending the right message, that is also being correctly received and understood by the other person/s.

Being Articulate: - Being articulate can be wonderful until you find out that society uses two languages. A second vocabulary has to do with symbolic meaning and not exact meaning. It is called words for words sake. For those who are never taught this mental illness can bring about a collapse of language as the mind enters the realm of confusion and fear

Think On Your Feet:-the people in the organisation need to follow this line of thinking so as to that there is a smooth functioning and a clear understanding of the various views that are and will be raised on time to time basis.

Humour: - Humour is by far the most significant activity of the human brain.Humor brings insight and tolerance. Irony brings a deeper and less friendly understanding

Flexibility. So this has to be understood by the leadership of the organisation so as to be very chirpy as well

Integrity: - Adherence to moral and ethical principles in the organisation means that there is integrity in the organisation.

Compelling Presence:-there should be a very effective and a good way of presence of the leadership and the various departments in the organisations, so as to maintain the smooth functioning of the organisation. That can only be achieved by the means of compelling presence

Task 4 & 5


The aim of leadership and Management is way one works ahead to achievement of success in a strategic direction.Both the skills the personal and the professional skills works towards the achievement of strategic goals, with the audit and a paln that works towards development

We have to use a the skills audit effecitively so that we are able to meet the current and future leadership requirements with the help of perfect techniques and the exact learning styles

Personal Skills:-

Personal skills involves that each person has the ability to do certain things very well; these are their personal skills.

How to manage stress

This involves that how can one manage ones stress at work and off the work so that the stress does not puts an effect on the management and his own working style

Problem solving discision making

This involves that how can one solve the problems that arise in a organistaion and how does he/she handles the situation. This skill involves the appropriate decision making in times when the organistaion requires it and making it count and work effectively towards the success of the oraganistion

Effiective communication

This is the most important basic and the simple skills that is required in us so that the functioning of the organistaion goe son effectively and smoothly. The communication in the organisation depends on the way the organisation works. When there is a perfect and open communication between the upper , middle , and lower level of the organisation then the sucess is guaranteed. This is a skills that has to be taken care of by the complete management involving the each level in the hierarchy

Handling conflicts

One should have this skill in order to handle the conflicts at times of making a decision , implementing the decision.Some times there is a personal conflicts of views between two employees of the organistaion or even the various departments. This skill will help us to prevent the conflict taking place in the organisation so that the work is completed in time and effectively. Also one has to undersand that a healty debate is necessary but not the conflict. So the line between the conflict and the debate has to be drawn carefully.

Professional skills:- Professional skills involves the following,

Multi tasking skill

This skill involves the person to be a dynamic person. The person at one time has to be able to do various other works at a time given time together simultaneously.

Team skills

This involves the way one runs the team effectively and smoothly and attains the goals and objectives of the organistaion during the time frame

On the contrary every one is happy in the team and works on the same ideology for the organisation

Communicational skills

Communication is again counted as a professional skill as it is important in the personal life as well as the professional life of the individual. Communication in the organisation works out the success formula in the organisation as it helpds each others to voice their concern and make themselves counted

Learner skills

The learner skill involve the way one adapts to the situation. One has to move ahead with the time. One has to learn to adapt to the changes that are taking place. So if one is a able to learn then he can move with the organistaion

Coaching skill

One has to be a good coach to make the team work on towards the sucess. As the way one coaches his/her team is the base reson for the sucess of the team and the organisation as a whole

Decision making skill

One has to make a effective decision so that so that each and every person in the team is working on the success formula and is happy with the decision. As one has to make such decision so that it works out in the best interest of the organisation

Decision making is not an easy. Skill, it must be done amid the ever changing it is a way of unclear information, which is often conflicting point of views.

Keeping in view of Accommodation Times:-

Personal skills of the employees of the organisation

Managing stress:- In accommodation times the stress is managed very efficiently like the way the organisation functions is the ture example for it. The organisation has a very good and qualified plus experienced leadership and the higher management that manages the stress. This helps in maintaining the stress level to the appropriate level.

Decision Making:- This ability of the organisation is up to a standard which is helping in running the office and the organistaion successfully. In the last few decades in which the organistion is functinoning is only with the help of effective decision making abilities of the Management. The leadership of the organistaion is very spot on when it comes in the times of decision making.As this can be seen when the industry standards are been met and that also with ethics.

Effective Communication:- There is a very good way and a good open communication that is happening in the organisation. This is helping the orgsanisation to functioning in a very successful manner. As they also belive that the communication which is the basic requirement for the proper functioning of the organisation. So Accommodation Times lays a stress on a healthy communication.

Professional skills of the organisation:-

Multi Tasking:- Accommodation times has a staff which has the role of multi tasking , so this is enabling the maximum utilisation of the resources.That enables that the workforce is in use for the maximum amount of time. Like a proof reading is done by the editor or even the writer of a particular article.This increases the talent of the staff as well

Team Skills:- The organisation has a team which has open communication and is functioning on a way that they encourage the team working environment. This brings about the team performing rather then the individual performances. This helps to rise the organisation as a team.

Coaching Skills:- Accommodation times focuses on the effective learning and the coaching of the staff. The staff is being from time to time, so that anything or the subject which is new is not left out with half understanding. The New ideas that are inducted.are been inducted very effectively only because of the effective coaching skills of the management.

Personal development Planning

In conducting the skills review to assess my skills, I carried out a survey by giving evaluation forms to my colleagues. The assessment given by them is presented in the Appendices and the final rating based on their feedback and my personal assessment is presented below.

Rating of Management and Leadership Skills



Very good


Needs Improvement





Meeting Skills








Time Management


Stress management


Decision Making


Self Confidence


Technical Ability


Risk Management

The ways to improve

Communication:-I need to work out more on the communication although it is good , then also if I stress a bit more on the communication then it will get on to become a big strength of my

The meeting skills:- This skill of my needs a improvement as then only I will be able to work on the new projects and carry out the work efficiently.

Appraisals:- Is the place which needs a regular improvement, asit is a segment that should always be worked hard every time . So I always count myself as a skill which should be constantaly worked on.

Presentation and motivation:- In this skill my presentation is a very good ,as I have been working on the presentation from time to time. As this enables me to do my work ion a efficient manner.Whereas the motivation of my own self is really very high , as I belive in the selfmotivated theory. The one who is self motivated then only one can be able to perform acah and everytime in the office.

Time & stress Management:- Both these skills of my are on a satisfactory as this is which I can see and analayize on from my work and the way I handle my worok and my stress. I have been up to the mark on the way the time and the stress associated with my day to day activities is carried , I have been quite satisfactory in handling it.

Decision making:- My this skill is upto the mark as I have been checking this from time to time in the way of my working in the office environment. Looking ahead of the same view I have been sucesful but I still think that I need to maintain it as well as I need to keep it upto the mark , in order to maintain it as well, in terms of office permance as well

Self confidence:- The self confidence of my own is a very good as i belive in being a self motivated tonperform in the work. So in this way there has to be a lot of self confidence in us. So is the reason that I poses a lot of self confidence and still i have a view that I need to maintain as well I need to improve it as well.

Technical ability:- The technical ability of my is so good when it comes to see that how the various technicalities are happening. Even if it is the hardware stuff or the various technicalities that are involved in the work.This has has given me a edge on the performance and the ability of the work done.

Risk Management:-The risk management ability of my is a satisfactory as , I have been taking a risk in the work that I have been doing .Even when it comes to adapting various new things in the work that I have to introduce and implement I the work. That has helped me to perform eacha dn every time.

The Leadership and management involves ones Personal and Professional skills

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