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Perth and Kinross Council

1. Background:

Perth and Kinross Council is the local government council in Scotland. It has almost 5000 employees where the majority of these employees are females (40% of the employees work as part-time staff). It was created back in 1996 under the Governmental Law of Scotland Act 1994 after the region of Tayside was divided into three council areas known as: Perth and Kinross, Angus and Dundee City. The council is located in Perth as it covers the urban and rural communities in the area.

1.1The need for change:

The council was under a lot of scrutiny because of the gap between the salaries given to female and male employees. This has been seen as discrimination upon females. By the summer of year 2000 the council has begun a plan for job evaluation process and by now, the council has been able to complete a benchmarking process for a taster of jobs. Lately, the council has also started to examine a method to develop new payments and grading methods in order to avoid discrimination between genders. By the year 2005 the council was able to achieve a payment structure that can be considered fair and transparent. Even though this whole plan is still under progress, the council is very optimistic in being able to gain benefits from the steps its taking in order to overcome the gap in payments between sexes. Employees are now able to see that the council is actually trying to be fair and committed to pay its staff equally without discriminating against sexes. This plan will be able to enhance the employees commitment and productivity and a positive way. It will also have a positive impact on their productivity in the long run. The fair payment will also give female employees the opportunity to being able to receive promotions within the organization because of the equality between female and male employees.

1.2 The council's vision:

The council has five aspects and each aspect has a separate vision:

a. Equality and Diversity:

The council promotes equal opportunity and good community relations in order to help the Council developed a performance framework for equalities and a system for reporting and publishing progress.

b. Disability equality:

Make arrangements to promote equal opportunity between disabled people and other people, decrease discrimination, which is unlawful under the Disability Discrimination Act. Eliminate abuse of disabled people , treat disabled people with positivity, encourage disabled people to participate in public life.

c. Gender Equality:

Avoid discrimination against genders and spread equality between men and women. The council started this plan in 2007.

d. Race Equality:

The vision of this scheme is to eliminate racial discrimination against all people.

The Organizational Change and Improvement Plan (OCIP) supports the plans of the community and corporate as well as their delivery. The OCIP has been developed through a process of planning and self evaluation with the senior


Through this process the council will be able to highlight the areas where improvement is required.

. The improvement process desired will come into two main forms:

1. Corporate improvement planning, which improves all activities and services. It also embeds the improvement of the culture on the long run.

2. The specific objectives of the council which are founded by the business management and improvement plan (BMIPs). The plan responsible for organization change and improvement is responsible for providing corporate element.

Self Evaluation:

Self evaluation is done through a number of popular quality and self evaluation frameworks in order to consider the best possible model to evaluate the council. This process helps the Council develops a self evaluation approach which enables assessment of its ability to meet internal and external challenges, as well as identify improvement. It also ensures that council has a benchmark against what needs improvement in the future.

The achievements expected from the Organizational change plan:

The Organizational Change and Improvement Plan OCIP aims at building a better corporate capacity recognize current and future changes and deliver the visions of the organization. The Organizational Change and Improvement Plan (OCIP) will describe:

* The delivery of better services.

* Moving forward.

* Move forward in the future.

* Facing challenges.

* Leadership and management:

* Improving performance:

* Communicate with stakeholders

How will the OCIP support the Change Plan? (How We Will Achieve Our Business Vision)

The change Plan provides a clear vision and set of priorities for the council to follow for the next decade. The OCIP will ensure that the council meets the demands of customers in order to achieve the required outcomes. OCIP will ensure an improvement plan.

How is the plan delivered:

Managing and Monitoring the Organisational Change & Improvement Plan

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