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Organisational barriers that impact on successful communication

Assignment - Research questions

You are required to research the following areas, and write a response of approximately one (1) page each.

Answer ALL of the following questions. The response for question 1 should be sourced from the journal article indicated. Questions 2 & 3 will require you to access a variety of 'peer reviewed' (otherwise called 'academic') journal articles from ProQuest 5000 or Emerald databases. For high marks, you should source more than one (1) article for each question 2 & 3. Include the first page of all articles you use to develop your responses, as an appendix to your paper. Include in-text and end text referencing.

  1. Managers need to understand how communication can help or hinder their performance. Explain the organisational barriers that impact on successful communication.

    (Students should refer to the following journal article to answer this question): Kelly, D. (2000). Using vision to improve organisational communication. Leadership & Organization Development Journal. 21/2 92-101

  2. Mission statements help managers to focus on the goals of the organisation. Explore the purpose of organisational mission statements and their relationship to performance.
  3. Decision making is an important part of a manager's job. Describe some of the processes managers adopt in making decisions. Submission information

Weighting This assignment accounts for 15% of the assessment in this unit.

Date/Week Week 6: week commencing August 31, 2009,

Time During regular tutorial

Place During regular tutorial

Format Hard, printed copy only to be submitted. Please include in-text and end-text references. 1 ½ spacing. Font size 12point. Include the front page of all journal articles you use as an appendix.


Completing this assignment will help you gain an understanding of management and the differing views expressed in high quality academic journal articles. Students will be required to familiarise themselves with ECU journal databases to research contemporary management concepts.

Things to consider:

Then…..reconsider the questions. What are keywords, key ideas that are being examined? For example, the key ideas in question 1 would be communication, successful communication, good communication, poor communication, communication barriers, constraints, limitations.

Next step……go back to the ECU library homepage. Under Metaquest (Journal Articles), click on link to 'Databases by subject'. Follow prompts. You will end up with a list of suitable databases. Remember, I said ProQuest 5000 or Emerald databases are sufficient for now. Feel free to use others, if you wish.

When you are in a journal database, it is time to play….select the words or phrases you have determined to best describe the information you want. Start broad. Some searches will end up with thousands and thousands of articles. Then you can refine your search. Some words will only find a few articles - then broaden your terms.

This process can take a long time.

Remember to look for currency (you don't want an article that is toooooo old). Also, you want peer reviewed articles. Most databases allow you to specify. If you are unsure, a good rule of thumb is to check the list of references at the end of the article (end text references). If this is substantial, it is likely to be academic.

Yes, this can be a frustrating process, and seemingly at times unrewarding. The only way you will improve is to keep at it. You will be required to do this type of research all through uni.

More help: See the MAN1100 Blackboard website for the library notes.

What is meant by 'Please include in-text and end-text references'?

You must acknowledge where all your ideas come from. If it is an actual quote from another source, that is fine, but you must include it in quotation marks and include the author, year of publication and page number. If you are paraphrasing some ideas, also include where you got those ideas (author and date). At the end of the assignment, you must list all sources of material that you have used to compile your answers. These should be formatted according to ECU referencing guidelines.

The ECU referencing guide can be purchased at the Bookshop for $2.00 or is online via the ECU library homepage. The library has short training modules about how to reference. Look at "QuickLinks' in the top left hand corner of the library homepage and click on referencing/endnote to take you directly to some podcasts and other information.

The MAN1100 Blackboard website has information on referencing and some sample assignments which demonstrate good practice in referencing.

Acknowledging the source of your ideas is important.

More help: see the ECU Library homepage for access to referencing support or contact the Learning Advisor.

Give yourself plenty of time to research and really think about the ideas you need to consider.

Check…..the unit plan for correct format

Check…..the unit plan for the marking guide, so you can focus your attention 

Check…..that you have researched adequately, focusing on academic journals.

Check…..that you use APA referencing to acknowledge sources of information both in-text and end-text.