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Business Plan for Spa Business Venture

Table of Content

Executive Summary..................................................................................4




Keys to Success..............................................................................8

Company Summary...................................................................................9

2.1 Company Ownership......................................................................10

2.2 Start-up Summary..........................................................................11

2.3 Data Collection Methodology.............................................................13

Products and Services..............................................................................15

Market Analysis Summary........................................................................18

4.1 Market Segmentation.......................................................................18

4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy.........................................................18

4.3 Competitor Analysis........................................................................20

4.4 Industry Analysis...........................................................................20

4.5 Service Business Analysis................................................................22

Strategy and Implementation Summary.........................................................22

5.1 Competitive Edge..........................................................................22

5.2 Marketing Strategy........................................................................22

5.3 Sales Forecast..............................................................................23

5.4 Milestones.......................................................................................24

6. Management Summary..................................................................25

Management Team........................................................................26

7. Financial Plan.....................................................................................26

Important Assumptions...................................................................27

Break-Even Analysis.....................................................................27

Projected Profit and Loss.................................................................28

Projected Cash Flow.......................................................................28

Projected Balance Sheet....................................................................29

Business Ratios.............................................................................30



Executive Summary

Spa business venture will shortly be opened up in Raffles place, Singapore, which is a central business district in the country. This spa will be a new upscale destination, which offers a complete day spa experience only to men. It will specially serve the beauty and health needs of men. The spa will have seven ultra-comfortable treatment rooms with the finest spa linens and equipments. It will provide the customers with a wide variety of products and services. It offers services like aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, Indian head massage, and deep clean facial for men as well as sport massage along with many other services and skincare products for men. The spa has a wide range of anti-aging products, but does not offer services for hair cutting, styling and coloring. Pedicure and manicure services will also be provided only when they are a part of full treatment.

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The business plan is prepared with a view to track the progress of the spa business with a five year projection. The spa will be fully dedicated to provide customer satisfaction and a friendly, fair and creative work environment. It also aims at offering quality products and excellent service with an acceptable price/value relationship. The mission of the spa is to supply such services and products to the customers, which enhance their physical appearance and mental relaxation. The company has set achievable targets and decided to achieve them through additional loan financing. The loan will be collateralized by the assets of the company and will be paid from the cash flows from the business.

The company has performed successful R & D for the products and has a compete start up business plan for the spa. The management structure of the spa group will be systemically organized and the teams will be efficiently managed by the team leaders and other supervisors. All departments will co-ordinate and co-operate with each other. The company has also successfully analyzed the competitors' strengths and weaknesses with that of its own. Overall, the spa group aims at a successful business plan, which will give full satisfaction to the customers and will attain high growth rate in a short period of time.

Business plan refers to a schematic assertion of a set of business objectives, the reasons why they are considered achievable, and the plan for accomplishing those objectives. It may comprise of the selective information regarding the organization or the team seeking to accomplish those objectives. The business objectives being undertaken may be for profit or non profit. For gaining profits, the business plans mainly concentrate on the financial objectives of the organization, though non profit business plans also assist in maximizing profits (What Is a Business Plan 2008).

Business plans may also be directed towards the alterations in perception and branding by the consumers, taxpayers, or bigger residential areas. A business plan which has its elementary objectives as alterations in perception and branding is known as a marketing plan. Business plans may be concentrated internally or outwardly in the business environment. Business plans can be considered as the decision making tools. No fixed content is being decided for the business plan. The main content and formatting of the business plan are decided by the goals and objectives of the customers. A business plan should hold any selective information, which is required for determining whether or not to prosecute a particular goal or objective (What Is a Business Plan 2008).

A spa (health resort) is a place where people participate in activities that are specified to amend or keep their health. The products and services are directed towards the upkeep or amendment of a client's physical or mental health. Actually, the meaning of the word spa is mineral waters known for the therapeutic powers. Nowadays in health resorts, water treatments are often dispensed ordinarily under the superintendence of a specifically trained spa physician as the component of spa plan. In North America, the term health spa is usually mentioned as the destination health resort where water may or may not represent a significant constituent in their treatment plan (What Is a Business Plan 2008).

All the spa places which are offering programs for health and fitness are mainly focused on the individual's requirements. They are re-designed for providing the guests with a better feeling when they reach the health resort. The spa places provide various products and services for managing stress and getting renewal. The various offers comprise of a combination of fun, exercise, healthy and balanced diet, indulging relaxation, etc. A spa resort provides a comfortable environment to the customers, where they learn how to utilize the tools of life improvement and receive motivation for practicing the learning in the real world. In this paper, a detailed business plan for a project on spa business venture in Singapore is explained. The location selected is Raffles Place, the central business district area of Singapore. The name of the spa is Spa business Venture. The plan describes the target market, management structure, goals and objectives, products and services and the financial data and components of the business.

Spa business Venture is a company in Singapore at Raffle Place, totally devoted for the care of men. It provides different services, such as massage, treatment for face and body skin care, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy for men. The primary aim of the group at spa is to provide the services, which fulfill the needs of their customers in an effective manner. A team of experts at spa assists the people in gaining relax and minimizing the stress by providing them effective treatment and luxurious products. The assurance of Spa business Venture can be summarized by its brand name and motto, which says Spa business Venture- Live to relax...and relax to live!

Special thing that defines the nature of Spa business Venture is the line, which states A spa for men. More metropolitan professional men are taking grooming treatments once perceived as feminine in their intensity and feature (Bev & Leigh 2008). The treatments of different spas involve various aspects such as hair look throughout the day, more emphasized attention to the style of hairs and appearance of facial skin, nails & hands. Though spas provide hair treatments but this particular spa business venture does not provide any hair treatment as it is complicated and requires a hair specialist for it. Through the recognition of observable expansion in the men's sector, man experience that spa is developed to meet the needs of men. As a male spa service provider, it will select the products, services and communications with due care, which are suitable for male characteristics.


Goals are the destinations where the business should reach and progress. Objectives are progress markers along the way to goal achievement (Day Spa Marketing 2008). For example, a goal might be to have a healthy, successful company that is a leader in customer service and has a loyal customer following. Objectives might be annual sales targets and some specific measures of customer satisfaction (Courtis 1996). The spa business venture will aim to achieve the following objectives:

Sales increase to 70,000 by the end of the first year.

Profit before tax by the end of the first year to be over 12,000.

Have clientele return rate of 80% by the end of first year.

Become established community destination by the end of the first year.

The quality of the products should be highly maintained.

The marketing plan/ promotion strategy should be very strong so as to attract maximum number of customers.

The financial plans should be properly framed and should aim at a balanced expenditure.

To achieve these objectives the following points should be remembered:

Customer should be the first priority.

The policies and plans of the business should be open and known to the customers as well as the employees.

Proper and effective communication.

Carrying out functional responsibility with care and attention.

Always responding to the customers in a positive manner.

The group should always strive to improve.


The mission of the Company is to give customer satisfaction with excellent products and services, and creativity and innovation in work and ideas.

Keys to Success

When starting a business the following key points should always be remembered:

Marketing: It is the main strength and potential of the business which will help in attracting maximum number of customers (Kotler 2002).

Professionalism: It is very essential for any organization to be professional in its work and to maintain confidentiality of the organization. It is also very important to provide skin experts and aestheticians for the customers.

Individual Attention: Every client should be treated with personal care and attention and the employees should be given due preference to the customers' choice.

Recommendations: Every business venture should always welcome suggestions from the customers and treat the customers in such a manner that they visit the place time and again.

Unique Treatments: The Company should have different and unique services and products to attract customers and differentiate themselves from the competitors. It should have the latest products and technologies for the customers. We have the latest techniques with the best products from around the world.

Perfect Location: Location should be appropriate and supportive for the business.

Company Summary

In Raffles Place, Spa business Venture can become a premier spa. In Singapore, if spa is established, it would be completely dedicated to the purpose of caring the men. The spa should operate as an entire-service day spa, which would be providing treatment for skin care, face massage, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy. The main aim of the spa group should be to help men in getting relaxed and reducing stress level through various treatments of spa and lifestyle products. The mission of the spa should be directed towards the development of relationship with the customer. This relationship can be developed by understanding and delivering to the needs of the customers. Apart from this, it can also be achieved by providing supreme individualized attention in a social environment (Uniquely Singapore 2008).

Spa business Venture would than become something more than just being a mere provider of products and services. Its vision should be establishing itself as a trustworthy destination, where men can regularly come to relieve their stresses associated with the life and revitalize their energies, souls and lives. Therefore, focus should be laid on the male customers as almost fifty percent of customers taking spa services are men (Intelligent Spas 2008). Hence, spa should plan its activities in such a way that it can successfully capitalize over the opportunity (Day Spa Business Plan 2008). The unique combination of services, location and customer-centric focus can provide the spa with unique competitive edge. Spa can also go for the implementation of the innovative training program that can assist the employees in providing an exceptional level of customer service. This customer centric approach would make the customer leave the spa with a great feeling of satisfaction. Apart from this, loyalty among the customers would also increase.

Spa business Venture stresses on different aspects, which are necessary for effective functioning of the company. These include quality, dependability and originality of the service. It will be distinguished from its rivals by providing a staff of experienced people who are not only specialized in their occupation, but also will be educated in realizing the dynamics of individual energy systems in order to enhance the link to their customers and effectively meet the demands of the customers. The spa will offer an exclusive atmosphere. It will differentiate itself as a reliable and comforting location where men can take pleasure through excessive indulgence and get away with the stress of their every day life activities (Professional Business Plans 2008). The spa group will construct a business that is based on community relationship. It will focus on fortifying the faith of customer base and offering not only the services but also the important information that will assist everyone in the procession of gaining a balanced and sound lifestyle. It will also work with local artists to offer their work to encourage the customers (Uniquely Singapore 2008).

Company ownership

A company' ownership is normally held by its shareholders. In a private limited company, there is no maximum or minimum number of shareholders, till the shares are not extended to the general public. A company can even have just one member with only one share. For a private limited company, there is no statutory minimum or maximum capital. For the members of the company, there may be limited liability. This is because the members will not contribute more than what they have actually paid, if the company is unable to pay its debts and is put into liquidation.

The shares or guarantee of a private company is limited. For example, for a company's loan, a bank may ask for a director's personal guarantee. But generally, directors do not own the shares in the company that they manage. A limited company can own shares in another company and is a legal person in its own right. The shares of a private limited company are not offered to the public to be sold in the market. The board of the directors declares the dividends and is paid to the shareholders. The company pays the corporation tax from the profits.

Before starting with the spa business venture, it should be decided that whether it should be a sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership, or limited liability company. Among these, the right form for one's business can be decided depending on the type of the business, its financial situation and the number of owners. The business owners have to choose the structure that meets all the needs of the business. A spa business can be a partnership business, which can be operated either by two persons or more than that. The share in the business can be decided according to the financial contribution of the partners or investors.

Startup Summary

The financial plan is associated with the projection of twelve months profit & loss and projection of four-year profit & loss. The projection of four year loss is optional. Apart from this, financial plan also shows a projection of cash-flow, balance sheet, and in-depth break-even calculation. In all, it can be said that they comprise of the logical estimate of financial future of the company. The most important aspect in thinking across the financial plan is that it can improve the financial workings of the company (Courtis 1996).

Twelve-Month Profit and Loss Projection: Numerous business owners give priority to the Twelve-month profit and loss projections as the focus of their plan. Therefore, it becomes necessary to put every thing in numbers so as to have an idea of profit and achieve success. The main source of obtaining the sales projections is through the forecasted sales, expenses, cost of goods sold and profit received month-by-month basis for a period of one year. Narrative must accompany in Profit projection along with elucidating the main assumptions that are used to calculate income and expenses of the company (Courtis 1996).

Projected Cash Flow: If the projection of the profit forms the heart of business plan, cash flow forms the part of blood. The main cause of the failure of the Businesses is their inability to pay the bills. Each and Every part in the business plan plays a vital role. Hence, it should be given due consideration. The main point of this worksheet is to effectively plan how much money is required to start a business i.e. for expenses like operating, preliminary and reserves. All these activities enable to foresee the chance of the reducing expenses or possibly negotiating a loan. The cash-flow projection is also considered as the process of forward looking at checking account.

The items with heavy impact on cash flow, such as sales and inventory purchase should be tracked by tracking essential operating data that is not necessarily a part of cash flow. Before opening in a pre-startup column, cash outlays and startup expense plan should be researched. Cash flow shows whether the working capital is enough or not. More startup capital is required if projected cash balance goes negative. This planning anticipates the present and future need to borrow.

The major assumptions, which make cash flow differ from the Profit & Loss projection, should be estimated. For example, what is the duration for cash collection of sale, what is the payment schedule (advance, upon delivery, or much later) for buying the inventory, its affect on cash flow, amount payable in advance, what irregular expenses should be budgeted, etc. Usually, owner's draw, equipment purchases and loan payments are not displayed on profit and loss statements, but they must be included because they take the cash out. Depreciation also does not appear in cash flow.

Opening Day Balance Sheet: All businesses require balance sheet for financial management and reporting. It is one of the basic financial reports. It shows the asset and liabilities held by the company. To get the owner's equity, liabilities are subtracted from assets. To prepare an opening day balance sheet, startup expenses and capitalization spreadsheet may be used as a guide. At the end of the first year, some people want to add a projected balance sheet that shows the estimated financial position of the company. This is useful at the time of selling the proposal to investors (Start your own spa business 2008). All the figures and tables are mentioned in the financial summary.

The Spa Company can analyze and learn from the experiences of other spas, such as The Grand Esthetics Spa, Sentosa Resort & Spa Hotel, The Asian Spa, Oriental Spa, Amrita Spa, Eucalyptus Spa, etc.

Data Collection Methodology

Case study research is the methodological analysis used for data collection. It can widen the experience or impart strength to what is already known through previous researches. Case studies stress on elaborated context analysis of a fixed number of issues or conditions and their relationships. Investigators have applied the case study research method for many years over a variety of fields and subjects. Scientists, particularly, have induced broad usage of this qualitative search method to analyze present-day actual-life situations and offer the base for the practical application of thoughts and elongation of methods. This paper explains how to use the case study method by successfully analyzing the case studies of Sentosa Resort and Spa Hotel and Grand Esthetics Spa to collect relevant and useful data for preparing business plan for the spa business venture (The Case Study as a Research Method 1997). The case study method consists of the following three steps:

Determine and define the research questions: The spa group determines and discusses the questions to be included in the research. All the aspects that should be included in the business plan are covered in the research questions (About ESTHEVA, The Grand Esthetics Spa 2008).

Select the cases and determine data gathering and analysis techniques: The spa group has selected the above mentioned spas, which are one of the popular and successful spas. It should study the case studies based on them regarding their market capitalization, start-up cost, target market, their products & services and financial components and data. The technique to analyze the data should be selected (The Sentosa Resort & Spa 2008).

Prepare to collect the data: The Company will make the necessary preparations for the collection of the data after reading the case studies of the two spas. It has used the method of questionnaire to collect the required information.

Collect data in the field: In this step data is practically collected and applied to use in the spa business venture. The case studies and available reports are studied and data is collected.

Evaluate and analyze the data: After the collection of the data, it is evaluated and analyzed. The spa group has studied and assessed the conclusions derived from the case study by using a number of research questions.

Prepare the report: In this step, a report is prepared on the successful analysis of the data. This will help the spa group to develop its business plan. It will assist in deciding the lay-out plan and the strategy to enter in the business. This report is a guide of how to develop the business and win over the customers.

Product and services

Spa business Venture will mainly put emphasis on providing the elementary and necessary services that will match with the objectives of the organization. Since the spa will get started very soon, it can only include the services such as skin care treatment, massage, waxing, sauna, hydrotherapy and Jacuzzi in its offering. With the increase in the number of male customers in the spa industry, Spa business Venture is constituted from the intention to provide quality spa services, which will assist the customers in gaining treatment according to their requirements. Also, the spa will provide special packages for the preferences of customers with the service treatments.

The spa treatments are especially designed keeping men in mind. Therefore, the services for men are equipped with the provisions for skin care and body therapy with the intention to conform to the requirements and conditions of the body. As an example, the facial treatment service is designed to make the skin clear, especially those areas affected by ingrown hairs, razor, burn and other skin issues, which are unique to men. The two varieties of gentleman's services will be provided by the spa for the skin care treatments. Out of the two varieties, one is the Deep Clean Facial for Men for all types of skin. This facial treatment will result in the renewal of skin and properly balanced by the utilization of the products for removing the dead skin cells and making the pores of the skin clean.

Indian Head Massage is a new treatment, which is meant for head, face, neck and shoulders. This massage helps the visitors to overcome the mental stress and tension, cleansing and rebalancing the whole body (Skin Care Products & Brands 2008). The recommendation for this type of massage is after a day of work. The massage therapy is the other type of service that is being provided by us. This therapy has three types of massage and the guest can select any of them according to the preference and condition of their body. The first massage is one of the most popular variations of Swedish massage. In this, Aromatherapy is used that enhances the healing benefits of massage with handmade mix of aromatic essential oils. These oils are helpful to balance, calm and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit (Menz Spa - Men's Faical Services 2008).

Second option is heated river stone massage. These stones are place strategically on specific point of the body to deeply warm the body while the muscles are consistently massaged, melted and released. This massage gives unimaginable reconnection and relaxation to the body. Sport massage is suggested for active men for relaxation after a heavy workout. The massage therapists create benefits for athletes by providing deep manipulation to treat tight muscle groups. Depilation is one another kind of service and this has become a part of life for men. A lot of men request this service during the summer for hygienic or practical reasons.

For this reason, spa also provides waxing services to its client. Unnecessary hair on large surfaces like arms, legs and back are detached in a short time period. With the help of wax, the uprooted hairs can be easily removed and this will result in to smooth and hairless skin. Apart from this, there are other amenities, which the spa will provide, such as the solarium space; sauna area and hydrotherapy massage section. All of these services are built to meet various demands of the male clients. The hours of operation for the services are:

Monday 9 am - 8 pm

Tuesday 10 am - 7 pm

Wednesdays 10 am - 7 pm

Thursday Closed

Fridays 10 am - 7 pm

Saturdays 10 am - 4 pm

Sunday 10 am - 4 pm

The time for Monday is extended to ease the customers for using the services of the spa.

Traditional spas are designed to treat both women and men in the similar environment. Spa will offer special services, which are exclusive to men and assist in making the menus more attractive to men. It will recognize both men's increasing requirements for the services of spa as well as their reluctance to go into the saloon of women (MassageTherapy 2008). They are no longer satisfied to be in feminized spa atmosphere. Instead, they need a spa in which a man can be man.

After the realization that most of the men consider skin as an important aspect of their life and seek suitable beauty products, spa will respond by offering the services, which include products for the beauty and body, particularly for men. Therefore, concerning to the nature of spa it has selected products from the body shop. The spa will come with an innovative and inclusive category of skincare products to meet the needs of modern men, from cleansing products to shaving essentials. All of the services that spa provides will have their own products, e.g., for the facial treatments, spa uses a particular cream for different types of skin. Apart from this, if someone is looking for a massage, spa will use another product, which makes the body softer.

Market Analysis Summary

Market is a place to buy and sell things. It is a place where customers know and become aware of the product and finally make their decision to buy or not to buy the product or service. The place selected for the spa is appropriate and suitable for fast growing businesses. It is near to the residential area and has an easy reach to the families and other individuals. The spa will also provide facilities of parking for the customers. The location is commercially beneficial for the spa business and it can easily grow and develop in this area.

Market Segmentation

The spa business project is focused on the beauty needs of men, so its target group of customers is males in the age group of 30-55 years. The business venture has planned to focus on corporate men, health minded individuals and men athletes who play on minor leagues or non professional leagues. The spa group has done a demographic and psychographic segmentation of the market based on the age, gender, income and interest factors. Its main target is the middle aged men.

Target Market Segment Strategy

The price of the products and services will differ according to the beauty packages. To attract the target group of customers the spa group can introduce an attractive price strategy. The customers can be a regular member of the spa by paying $42.99 for one month. They will be given discounts according to the duration of their membership. Special discounts are also there for any other family members who want to join or become the member. Each member can have a maximum of three extra members and can enjoy great discounts. The spa will offer oxygen bar at the rate of $1.50 per min, which is fare according to the prevailing market price. For the massage parlor, the price differs according to the various kinds of massage treatments. Similar is the case with Ayurvedic segment, but the starting price is $ 50 which is suitable for the target group of customers (Kotler 2002).

Besides this individual one, we focus market on the business sector. We set three prices for the different size companies along with three different packages. The family members of an employee, who is the member of Fitness Avenue (this is the physical exercise session which is for the physically unfit customers, it is a special addition to the spa business venture, to attract customers) will get extra 5% discount when they join the membership. We believe we set all the prices with attractive discount rates to the community near by, which will help our business get a good reputation at beginning.

The target group of customers can also be convinced through various promotional plans and techniques. The promotional plan for the spa business venture includes different kinds of media vehicles like newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and outdoor displays like billboards, vehicular display and electronic displays. They can seek the attention of a large number of people. It is necessary to incur expenses for promotion, because this is the main strategy to attract customers and induce them to spend money for using the spa services and products. Advertisements in the newspapers can be given with attractive messages and opening discounts (Kotler 2002).

Competitor Analysis

For analyzing the market conditions, the group will also have to perform a successful competitor analysis i. e. identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors and the comparing it with its own strengths and weaknesses. This will help the group to develop its market potential and overcome its shortcomings (Kotler 2002). For the first one year, it is difficult for the spa group to give better and reduced prices to the customers. But, the spa group can compete with its competitors in quality, service and reliability, as these are the three main goals of the spa business venture. It also has the advantage of a popular location as compared to the other competitors.

For sales and advertising, the company has a low budget as compared to its potential competitors. It has to work over this because it is very essential to attract customers to run a successful business (Spa Marketing: Information for spa professionals 2008). The disadvantages are obvious about the business venture as this is a start up business and the company has to develop its market strength i.e. why it is focusing more on the customers than on the price. The customer base for the spa industry has attained high growth rate in the recent years. As a part of the research, the spa group has tapped the number of customers it can possibly reach. In the coming years, the customer base for this industry will definitely increase, but the in the present scenario it should be more than enough to welcome another competitor in the market (Kotler 2002).

Industry Analysis

In the health and wellness industry, the spa industry segment is a leading player in the world. People can find structured and professionally delivered programs at several kinds of spa venues, in search for health and wellness experiences. There are various categories of spa services all over the world. Seven different spa facility types are defined by the International Spa Association that has technical capability for delivering health and wellness programming. They are defined as under:

CLUB SPA: It offers a variety of professionally administered spa services, a facility whose main aim is fitness.

CRUISE SHIP SPA: It is a spa in the cruise ship with all the fitness and wellness components, professionally administered spa services and spa cuisine menu choices.

DAY SPA: It is the most prolific category of spa. It provides day services to the clients with professionally administered spa services.

DESTINATION SPA: It offers physical fitness and educational programming along with on site accommodations. It exclusively serves spa cuisine. The main purpose of this spa is to provide customers with better life-style options and wellness enhancement through professionally administered spa services.

MEDICAL SPA: It is a spa whose main aim is to render medical and health care in an environment, which incorporates spa services, as well as schematic and harmonizing medical care and treatments. It is anticipated that this spa will substantiate solid increase in the following few years as more customers look for holistic medicative treatments and medical aid.

MINERAL SPRINGS SPA: This spa type focuses on health and wellness and offers typical European spa products. It provides an on-site natural, mineral, thermic or brine water, which is used for hydropathy treatments.

RESORT/HOTEL SPA: A spa within a resort or hotel providing professionally administered spa services, fitness and wellness components and spa cuisine menu choices. The majority has been and is being developed where the spa is a profitable amenity added to traditional resort vacation opportunities. Consumer tendencies show that spa facilities in a resort setting will become the decision making factor in a resort vacation rather than just a resort amenity.

Service Business Analysis

The spa company is a part of health and beauty industry, which has the following four types: Day Spas, Medical spas, Health and Beauty spas and Hotel with spa services. They all offer different services like hair styling, face and body massage, exercising and even make different products available to the customers according to their skin types.

Strategy and Implementation

The strategy of the spa business venture will be to win over the customers through a wide range of services and enter the market with full analysis of the current situation prevailing in the spa industry. The company will first adopt the start-up strategy and after sometime when it establishes the business it will plan to adopt the expansion strategy.

Competitive Edge

The competitive edge of the spa business venture lies in its unique services and specially designed facilities for the male gender. It has a fantastic arrangement for men to relax after the hectic weekly schedule. The spa group also has good marketing techniques, a favorable location and an effective communication channel.

Marketing Strategy

The company can attract the potential customers through effective marketing and promotional activities. The company will distribute health referrals and pamphlets to the people to convince them to use the spa services. The company will also launch its official websites and can provide online registration facility. It will also give advertisements in the newspaper and magazines to popularize the spa. The company will also use outdoor displays to make the people aware of the new spa service.

Sales Forecast

The start-up table has assumed the growth trends in the three main areas massage, aesthetician and retail. According to the sales forecast massage and aesthetician services are assumed at $ 50 per service with 30% of it going to the service provider. The forecast also assumes that the company will provide 9 services per day in the beginning, operating 6 days a week and will extend up to 50 services per day by the end of the first year. On retail products the gross margin will be 55%.

Sales Forecast Table

Sales Forecast

FY 2010

FY 2011

FY 2012

FY 2013

FY 2014


Massage Therapy






Facials and Anti-Aging Treatments












Total Sales






Direct Cost of Sales

FY 2006

FY 2007

FY 2008

FY 2009

FY 2010

Linens and Cleaning






Oils & Lotions






Cost of Retail products













The following table lists important store milestones, with dates, implementation duty, and budgets for each. The milestone schedule emphasizes the timelines for implementation per the sales and marketing targets listed in detail in the previous topics.



Start Date

End Date




Business Plan






Financial Backing






Design Contractor Retainer






Construction Contractor Retainer






Lease Agreement












Logo Design






Business Cards (Initial)






Grand Opening






53 Clients per Day








Management Structure

The management structure of the spa business venture should be well organized and planned in a systematic manner. There are 3 main areas in which the company will operate, massage, aesthetician and retail. Based on these there will be three business segments, massage parlor, oxygen bar and ayurvedic therapy. The spa venture also includes various working departments which are Accounting, Marketing, Customer services, Security, Facility, Technical Support and Human Resources. Proprietors will often work long hours to set up a good repute for the spa. There will be fifty eight other employees who will be employed at the opening of the spa, and as the business develops, owners will employ more people at the spa (Walczak 2005).

Each segment will have a fixed number of employees and a supervisor to look after the activities of each segment. Some trainers will also be appointed to give training to the new joining employees. There will be a hierarchal system of management in the organization. The teams of each segment will be divided according to the customer demand, work pressure and expertise of each individual. There should be co-ordination between all the departments and segments of the business. Harmonious relations between superiors and subordinates should be there (Angelo 2008).

The Management Team

A company should always have a good and efficient management team to support the planning and feasibility of the business. It is the strength of the business. The following positions will be included in a management team:

Chief Executive Officer, his work and responsibilities include development of overall strategy, marketing and strong and firm relationships with the shareholders. The person who will be appointed for this work and post should have a start up experience of a new venture in international markets. He should also have creativity in planning business activities. Another team member will be designated as the Vice-President for all the financial activities in the company (Spa Management 2008). He will be responsible for the R & D work of the organization. He should have an experience as a financial analyst or financial planner in the international market (Walczak 2005).

Another Vice- President will be for Legal Liaison and will be responsible for co-coordinating relations with the international patent lawyer and general legal advocate. He should have a business experience with good academic qualifications and a law degree. Except these three, the spa group also plans for other key personnel in the near future as addition to the management team. These other members should have a sales experience or the power to attract and convince customers (Walczak 2005). It will also have a team of board of directors who will take all the necessary decisions for the company. The company will also appoint persons for supporting professional services. The Management team will help the business to grow and develop. It will add to the efficient working of the spa business venture. For an organization, to achieve success, it is necessary to have a systematic work force and a proper organization structure (Organization and Management Structures 2008).

Financial Summary

The spa group will analyze the financial condition and the capital investment capacity to start and grow the business. Financial analysis is a very essential part of a successful business plan. Here, the spa group also needs to maintain the accounts receivable and accounts payable (Courtis 1996).

Important Assumptions

The important assumptions are essential for the financial plan which is depicted in the table as yearly assumptions. We assume cash payments for all services. It is applicable for all services except the insurance compensation which is to be collected within a period of two and a half months. Based on the long traditions the interest rates, personnel and burden tax rates, are assumed. Some significant assumptions are:

There is inflationary economy with high purchasing power.

A growing market for the spa business in the near future.

General Assumptions

FY 2010

FY 2011

FY 2012

FY 2013

FY 2014

Plan Month






Current Interest Rate






Long-term Interest Rate






Tax Rate












Break-even Analysis

Break-Even Analysis: It predicts the sales volume at a given price that is needed to recover total costs. This is a level of sales volume that separates profit and loss. The formula for calculating break-even is as follows:

Breakeven Sales = Fixed Costs/Contribution

Contribution = Selling Price- Variable Costs

The following table shows how to make the sales equal to the costs. The costs included in the sales forecast table are assumed as variable costs.

Break-even Analysis

Monthly Revenue Break-even



Average Percent Variable Cost


Estimated Monthly Fixed Cost


Projected Profit & Loss

The variable cost will exceed the fixed cost as the spa group is paying charges to the service provider. The service providers are paid just for their hours of service and so the operating cost is low. Lease, electricity, promotion, insurance etc are included in the fixed disbursals.

On retail products, the gross margin is consistently 50% across the board. On retail products the gross margin is 55%. Projected profit and loss table for the year 2010 is represented:

FY 2010



Less: Direct cost of goods

Linens and Cleaning


Oil & Lotions


Cost of Retail products


Gross profit


Gross margin %


Less: expenses

Pay roll


Promotion expenses












Total operating Expenses


Profit before interest and tax


Interest expenses




tax 30.10%


Profit after tax (Net profit)


Net profit %


Projected Cash Flow

Projected Cash flow for the year 2010

Cash flow statement

Cash sales


Cash from debtors


Total cash from operation


Other receipts




Expenditure from operation



Bill payment


Repayment of current borrowings


Total cash spent


Net cash flow


Managing Accounts Receivable: If the company gives credit, it should check at least monthly to track how much of its money is trussed in credit given to clients.

Managing Accounts Payable: The spa group should also age its accounts payable, i.e. what the company owes to its suppliers. This helps the company to maintain records of whom to pay the money and when to pay it (Industry Financial Information and Financial Ratios 2008). Paying late can cost the company worthful rebates and can damage its credit and paying too ahead of time eats up the company's cash. But, if the company gets to know that it will be late in making requital, it should always call the creditor before the due date.

The spa group will also analyze the capital growth and financial condition of the competitors, which is necessary to enter the market and cover maximum number of customers. The spa business venture will introduce an effective financial strategy, which will bring profits to the company and will cover its production and maintenance cost. The company should timely maintain the balance sheet accounts, so that there are no mistakes in the financial accounting of business (Courtis 1996).

Projected Balance Sheet

The insurance collection period is set for two and a half months which is set on traditional basis.

Projected Balance Sheet for the year 2010

Balance sheet

Current assets-



Account receviables




Other current assets


Total current assets


Long term assets


Total assets



Current liabilities

Account payable


Current borrowings


Total current assets


long term liabilities


Paid up capital


Retained earnings


Total liabilities & capital


Business Ratios

The balance ratio table depicts some important ratios which are essential for the financial analysis of the company. The ratios are profitable and healthy for the company and the business will be at growth in the following years.

Business Ratio Table for the year 2010


Current ratio


Gross Margin


Net Margin


total debt to total assets


Return on net worth


Debt to net worth



From the above discussion, it is concluded that the spa project has proved to be useful, and has led to effective utilization of knowledge and skills in developing the business plan for the business venture. This project involves the use of analyzation and assessment power to decide about the marketing strategies, price, promotion, products and services for the spa business. The spa business is focused on enhancing the beauty of the individuals, so it gives stress on ways to attract customers and give them maximum satisfaction (Developing your spa, 2008). This spa project is for men, so it introduces new and innovative beauty products for men which increase their facial beauty. This makes an individual aware of the various health and beauty products for men. This project aims at healthy living through stress release and relaxation of the mind and body.

Except the project developer, other people will also learn a lot from the spa business venture. Like the employees and the customers will also get to learn many new things. The employees will learn the techniques to market beauty products and the ways to win over a large number of customers. They will also learn how to deal personally with the customers and the tact to manage a large scale project. In addition, the customers, especially men will get knowledge about a new range of beauty products for the male gender. This will help in enhancing their beauty and will give them a new place to relax and relieve their stress (Lyon 2008).


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(A). Products and services:

Heated River Stone Massage 16

Hydrotherapy 15

Indian Head Massage 16

Jacuzzi 15

Sauna 15

Skin care treatments 15

Waxing 15

(B). Marketing:

Place Strategy 15

Price Strategy 14

Promotion Strategy 14

Spa Industry Segments 12

Target Market 11

(C). Administration:

Management Team 18

Working Departments 18

(D). Finance:

Financial Data 20

Managing Accounts Payable 21

Managing Accounts Receivable 20

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(F). Job Description

The job in a spa is to deal with the clients, provide them various treatments according to their choice and take care of their needs and requirements in the spa. Supervisors and specialists are also there for each treatment. For each segment, there are separate specialists who will look after the working of the employees and will guide them. The employees that are required to work in a spa should be service oriented and also physically fit and mentally strong. They should have some experience of working in a beauty salon or health spa.

(G). Resume

The resume should contain the necessary information about the candidate applying for a particular post, as it is the first requirement for a candidate to forward the resume to the concerned company. It should include the educational qualifications and other necessary information like salary expectation, previous work experience, etc.

(H). Organizational Chart

(I). Marketing Materials

Posters, pamphlets, billboards, advertisements, free gifts, free trials, free or extra quantity of products in fewer amounts.

(J). Research Studies

Range of products and services researched from world wide spas like Sentosa spa and Esthetics Spa.

(K). Operations Schedule

Mentioned above on page 18 & 19.

(L). Photographs of Products, Services, Facilities, etc.

Interior set up of Facilities at the Spa

Jacuzzi Bath Tub

Sauna Bath

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