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Observing The Action Of The Enzyme Catalase Biology Essay

Data Collection and Processing. For this experiment, potato tubes of the same length and surface area were placed in test tubes containing different hydrogen peroxide solutions (of concentrations; 3%, 6%, 8%). At three intervals (1,2 & 4 minutes), the volume of the solution would be measured, including the foam, so as to determine the amount of oxygen given out from the reactions helping us to better understand the activity of the enzyme Catalase found on potatoes.

The results of the experiment are organised into tables in order to reach a better understanding of their experimental value. On these tables the minutes and trials are displayed but the average values of each minute as well as the rates at which these values have changed can be seen too. Every table indicates a different set of trials on each of the three different solution concentrations.

Cells, in their natural environment, are known to produce poisonous and often deadly for them chemicals due to their cellular functions. However, in order to survive, they have devised a way of breaking down these harmful chemicals into harmless ones. This is achieved through the production of hundreds of enzymes, each responsible for one reaction.

In this experiment, we have studied the enzyme Catalase which is responsible for the breaking down of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into water (H2O) and oxygen (O2). From all the above, we reach the conclusion that the more hydrogen peroxide we have, the fastest the Catalase will break it down. The results drawn from the experiment performed that are illustrated above, agree to this point and therefore the experiment can be characterized reliable and valid.

Despite the measures taken to prevent potential error factors, like the verifying of the results between three participants, it is still quite possible that error has arose.

The potatoes were not cut by a machine and therefore it was impossible to have them all sliced at the same size.

All measurements taken could be open to error since we did not use any sophisticated apparatus but the human eye.

The portions of the solutes added might not be exactly as in the requirements of the experiment since we might have accidentally dropped more or less of the amount needed.


This experiment could be improved should more advanced equipment be used for the slicing of the potato strips or the adding of solutes in the compound.

Additional improvements would include more precise equipment with less error.

Future work

This experiment could be expanded into researching other organisms as well, other than the potato, and for a broader range of enzymes too. Further research could be centred on how abiotic conditions affect the reaction of hydrogen peroxide such as heat, temperature, pH etc. This would result in better insights on applications of enzymes in both nature and human activity.

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