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Cause Of Food Allergies Biology Essay

Children and adults where used in this experiment with IgE mediated cows milk allergies. The symptoms found in these patients were; gastrointestinal tract symptoms, problems breathing, skin conditions, and the worst symptoms found were systemic after consumption of cow’s milk. The pasteurized milk used was from a local grocery store that contained 3.5% fat. The ELISA test was used to measure the IgG and IgA antibodies present and were specific for the cow’s milk allergens. Four groups were distinguished for the research; patients with no gastrointestinal problems as the control, patients with gastrointestinal problems not caused by the cow’s milk consumption, non-IgE mediated cow’s milk intolerance, and patients with IgE mediated cow’s milk allergy. ImmunoCAP was used to determine cow’s milk specific IgE levels.


IgE antibody was only found in patients with cow’s milk allergy and these patients developed the highest IgG antibody levels to the different types of casein and lactalbumin as mentioned previously. Patients were asked about other allergies including food allergies and other gastrointestinal diseases that could cause the gastrointestinal symptoms to exclude these causes from the study. Patients with cow’s milk protein intolerance and with no cow’s milk intolerance did not have any increased levels of IgG, IgA or IgG subclasses when consuming cow’s milk. In this study the milk proteins were purified which was found to be a cause of controversy in similar previous studies. The purified cow’s milk proteins were used to test for IgG subclasses and IgA reactivity. The results showed that there is no difference between IgG and IgA antibody detection between cow’s milk protein intolerance and the control group of cow’s milk allergy. Other cow’s milk proteins were tested to see if they had a reaction to the non-IgE-mediated cow’s milk allergy patients and no reaction was found for IgG or IgA identification for cow’s milk proteins. Further studies need to be done on many different aspects of correlation between cow’s milk proteins, cow’s milk allergies and the relationship to the different types of relationships.


Determination of patients with and without cow’s milk protein intolerance can not be determined by IgG or IgA reactivity to allergens in cow’s milk. Adverse reactions to food such as cow’s milk can cause many health problems. Cow’s milk allergy recognizes the IgE of cow’s milk allergens which produce antibodies in the blood serum which can be tested. Gastrointestinal damage caused by humoral or cellular mechanisms in non-IgE-mediated mechanisms are caused by the consumption of cow’s milk. The patients with cow’s milk protein intolerance IgG mediated activation and IgG mediated cellular cytotoxicity did not play a role in cow’s milk protein intolerance. For the patients with the cow’s milk allergy the alphaS1-casein had the highest rate of reaction in these patients which was also found in previous studies as well.


Cow’s milk allergies are one of the most common food allergies and affects not only the patients with suffer from this allergies diet but also their gastrointestinal health. These gastrointestinal symptoms included; diarrhea, abdominal pain, and bloating. Many patients with cow’s milk allergy have gastrointestinal complication which causes discomfort of the patients as well as can decrease absorption of other nutrients because of these complications. Skin rash and swelling of the mouth were also found to be of concern in many patients causing breathing problems. After the cause of the intolerance or allergy is found then medications could possible be created to reverse or block what is causing these problems which could reduce health related problems. This study is helpful in determining how to test patients for cow’s milk allergens. More research needs to be done to determine the best method of testing for cow’s milk allergies.

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