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I’ve worked in the media and music industries, and have also been a lecturer, teacher, and deputy head teacher, during which time I was also an inclusions officer, special educational needs coordinator, and EAL achievement manager.

Education & Qualifications:

Sussex University:

  • Ba (Hons) Ist Class
  • MA Distinction
  • D.Phil
  • PGCE
  • NPQH.

Experience & Skills:

I am currently retained by various corporate clients on a research and consultancy basis.

As a published academic author, I understand the disciplines involved writing to deadlines, whilst maintaining quality and focus. My various professional roles have also required me to develop research and presentation skills.


Why did you decide to write for Answers?

Basically, I decided to write for the company because I really enjoy the processes of researching and writing. Even when it is a topic with which I am familiar, the writing process always requires the acquisition of some new knowledge, so by helping customers, I'm also expanding my understanding of the area in question.

What kind of qualifications and experience to you have?

In addition to conventional academic qualifications, i.e. a BA (Hons), MA and a D.Phil, I also possess a teaching credential (PGCE) and an educational management credential, i.e. the National Professional Qualification for Headship, (NPQH). I addition to being a published academic author, I have a wide experience of business and consultancy, and currently carry out the latter for international corporate clients.

How do you feel that your work benefits students?

The objective of my work is to enable my clients to produce an outstanding piece of work by expertly assembling and interpreting all the relevant sources and ideas. This removes all the time-consuming tasks from the academic process, enabling them to produce an excellent assignment every time without fail.

What makes a good custom essay writer?

A good writer is able to rapidly access a wide variety of sources and integrate them in a cogent way, ensuring that the really essential ones are given prominence. They remain focused on the requirements of the assignment, and are able to demonstrate genuinely original ideas, as well as writing skill. Above all, they must ensure that the needs of the client remain central to their consideration, construction, and refinement of the piece.