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MHRA Referencing

MHRA Referencing: An Overview

MHRA (Modern Humanities Research Association) Referencing is widely used to cite and reference works within the humanities. It has been adopted as the primary style by many schools, colleges and universities.

MHRA employs the system of superscript sequential numerals in the footnotes and reference/bibliography style to cite references within the body of an essay.

To cite a book in a bibliography using MHRA, follow this format:

(N.B. Add page numbers after this followed by a full stop in both footnotes and reference lists but not in bibliographies except in the case of articles in journals.)

Hence, a book cited in MHRA referencing appears thus:

John Taylor, MHRA Referencing (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003).

To cite an article in MHRA Referencing, follow this format:

Hence, a journal article cited in MHRA appears as follows:

John Taylor, 'MHRA Referencing', Referencing Today, 12 (2003), pp. 33-40.

To cite an electronic source in MHRA Referencing, follow this format:

Hence, an electronic source cited in MHRA, follows this format:

John Taylor,'MLA Referencing', Referencing Online, 2, 9 August 2007, <http://www.referencingonline>[9 August, 2008]

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