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Scholarship Essay

The scholarship essay is very similar to the personal essay/statement. In it, you are required to supplement information provided on your application form with additional facts about you as a person which will help the assessment/admission procedure.

As with the personal essay/statement, you should begin by taking some time to jot down everything you can think of about your hobbies, interests, sporting achievements etc. then organize them so as to provide a comprehensive picture of yourself and your suitability for the course/vacancy for which you are applying.

It is useful to regard the scholarship essay as an opportunity rather than a task and to look on it as a means of persuading the reader of your suitability. It is far less stressful than an interview (though you may have to attend one of these too, of course) as it can be thought through, revised, altered and adapted in advance to provide the best possible picture of yourself. The main purpose of the scholarship essay is to help you, not to trap you, so take full advantage of it to make your case for your suitability.

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