Essay Fraud

Essay Fraud (part of All Answers Ltd) is a legitimate writing and research company, registered and based in the UK. We take a zero tolerance approach to essay fraud and credit card fraud.

Any essays purchased fraudulently from are always published on our essay examples page so the contents can be picked up by plagiarism software scanners and other students can benefit from studying the work. If you would like to search for an essay, please use the search box below or browse our example essays here.

Enter the order number, the essay title or a sample of text from the essay/dissertation/coursework in the search box below:

We also email any of our work purchased fraudulently to 123 UK universities. If you are one of the 123 UK universities that we have mailed this work out to, your scanners have come across this page or you are a member of the general public that has any information about any of the fraudulent purchases, please contact us immediately on 0115 966 7955 and ask to speak to our Fraud Investigation Officer.

We possess data that will lead to the prosecution of each of the individuals responsible and will liaise fully with all universities to ensure they are able to remove them from their course There is no need to contact the police separately if you provide information about this crime, they will have already been informed, but please be advised that they may wish to take a statement from you in due course.

Credit card fraud carries a maximum sentence of 14 years in the UK, and our company has been successfully involved in numerous prosecutions, many of which have led to custodial sentences, as well as the perpetrator being removed from university.

In addition, we offer £5,000 as a reward for any information leading to a prosecution, and a £5,000 bonus for any information that leads to a prosecution and a custodial sentence.