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Art Dissertation Titles

Art dissertation titles

Our assortment of art dissertation titles are designed to get your thinking juices flowing. Underneath is a free sample:

"Sustainability and technological development in Architecture"

Free art dissertation titles...

Art education in Islamic faith schools: What are the implications of Islamic faith schools (UK) for art and design education of Muslim students?
Ilya Kabakov: Before and after conceptualism, or "Ilya Kabakov and the beginning of the Moscow Conceptual tradition".
Man Vs. Machine: What is the significance of the handmade object in a society largely dependent on the machine and digital technology?
The conjunction of surrealist cinema and feminism, did Surrealism encourage women to become creative practitioners in their own rights?
The Theme of Domestic in the practice of Ilya Kabakov. Analizing the 3 installations: "The Man Who Flew Into Space From His Apartment", The Toilet", The Kitchen".
Why does the female artist who wishes to explore her autobiography and her sexuality appear to become more subjective to her critics because she is female?

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