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Newly Introduced Notional Interest Deduction On Capital Increase

Recently the Belgian government has introduced a tax reform known as “notional deduction for risk capital”, the Notional Interest Deduction (NID)....

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Knowledge Flows Within Multinational Corporations

This bаchelor thesis is conducted in the field of International Business and Human Resource Management. The focus of my rеseаrch is expatriation, repatriation and knowledge transfer within Multinational Corporations (MNCs). Thеrefore this chаpter is organized in the following way: it starts with the problem indication, followed by the problem statement and research questions and the research design. Moreover the data collection method is explained. The chapter concludes with an explanation of the structure of the thesis....

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Research Methodology Into The Risks Of Rta

There are mainly two types of research which we can follow i.e. Qualitative and Quantitative, but in this project we are using qualitative analysis as our source of research. The research will include the following methodology in order to assess the level of managing uncertainty in RTA:...

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Marketing Research Procedure

The significance of decision making of market strategy and marketing depends on the conclusions derived from market research. The procedure of market research varies from company to company but it has a series of steps to be followed. The standard market research procedure helps in the avoidance of errors, miss understanding and risk of uncertainty....

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Strategic Response To The Global Economic Crisis

There has been continuous debate about how much this current recession is going affect the global economy, how the organisations are going to overcome such situation. This study discusses strategic response of the organisations to overcome global recession. The first part of this research shows the importance of the research in the form of introduction. The second part gives an insight to the relevant literature and assumptions relating to the research topic. The third part of the research reveals the research question and final part shows the methodologies adopted including research approach, research strategies adopted, types of data used, data...

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