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Research Methodology Masters Thesis

How To Select One For Your Masters Thesis

The methodology of a masters thesis is by far one of the most critical success (or failure) factors. You want to pick a research methodology that makes sense for your topic, your experience and skill level, and your resources. It's also got to deliver a way to findings and conclusions that will produce results and garner you the masters thesis grade you are seeking. This guide offers some tips on how to select your research methodology and what you need to consider when approaching this portion of your masters dissertation project.

Purpose of Research Methodology

Your research methodology is there to:

So, yes, it is kind of important!

Questions to Consider When Selecting a Research Methodology

Ask yourself the following:

Potential Research Methodology Pathways

You may need to use primary research, secondary research, or a little bit of both. Here are some information basics on each:

Approaches to Take with Research Methodology Tools

Whatever source or tactic you take with research methodology tools, here are some important tips to remember:

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